Ten tips to prevent thieves, home security smart peephole has a "trick"

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Home is the habitat of the soul, the haven of return, and it gives people warmth and protection. But with the development of science and technology, the thief’s methods of theft have also been “upgraded” and become more and more bizarre. It is heartbreaking to let such a loving home be ransacked by a thief. "I was robbed next door, and the door lock was hacked! A lot of things were stolen, even the password box didn't work, and the money was still stolen!" We often hear similar words, a lot of various thefts happened in the year. , All kinds of theft methods are endless! Is it just to be careful and pay attention? It’s not that simple? Even most people have abnormal situations in their homes, and they have not found any defects. After being ransacked by thieves, they feel deep. Deep regret. How to prevent thieves in your own home has become a problem for everyone.

The first way to guard against thieves

Pay special attention to the door and the window, the thief will pierce the screen window and unlock the door. Especially the households on the 1st to 5th floors are the easiest to be patronized by thieves. When committing a crime, it is mainly by observing whether the residents' homes are turned on to determine whether there are people in the house, and then waiting for opportunities to climb into the house from balconies, windows, patio walls, etc. to carry out theft. Therefore, you must install the anti-theft window, and pay attention to the installation firmly, so as not to fall.

The second way to prevent thieves

There must be an anti-theft system at home, and a camera or hidden smart cat eye must be installed in a place that is not easy to be found by thieves. It must have a night vision function and a clear picture, otherwise it is useless to be unable to identify it. The advantage is that if it is stolen, the video can be used to assist the police in solving the case, and some losses can be recovered after success.

The third way to prevent thieves

Pay attention to whether there are suspicious symbols on the wall in front of your house. Once you find them, remove them immediately. Thefts through symbols are not uncommon. Clear the small advertisement on the door in time. After a long period of time, the small advertisement is still on the crack of the door. It is confirmed that there is no one in the house, and the thief usually starts it. Many thieves now use small advertisements to test whether there is anyone in the house. If the small advertisement on the door is still at night, the thief will usually start.

The fourth way to guard against thieves

In order to prevent acquaintances from committing crimes, remember to be low-key and then low-key, not to show your wealth, do not show off your wealth in your circle of friends, for fear of being underestimated, and face, this is a common problem of urban people. This kind of behavior will lead to a storm of borrowing money, and will also recruit thieves for one's own family.

Don't put too much cash at home, don't put it in bedside tables, dressing tables, wardrobes, etc., because it is impossible for a thief to let go of these places. Put the money in as many places as possible, even if it is stolen, it will not be cleared. If you have a fixed phone installed in your home, you need to set up call forwarding so that you can receive calls even if you are not at home. This reduces the possibility of acquaintances being ghosts and greatly improves the safety of unattended homes.

The fifth way to prevent thieves

The anti-theft doors, windows, and keys at home must be of good quality, so that the safety factor will add a little bit, and it is necessary to develop the habit of checking whether the doors and windows are closed before going out. When you go to bed at night, you must close the windows. If the doors and windows are broken, you must find a decorator to repair it in time. After going out, remember to close the cover of the optical cat eye, or install a protective cover, otherwise the cat eye is likely to become the "helper" of the thief!

The sixth way to prevent thieves

Remember wallets, purses, backpacks, handbags... don't put any bags close to windows, and don't let thieves have an opportunity to take advantage of. In this case, the thief fished directly in front of the window with a rod and searched the "materials" in the bag. Especially for the key ring, a thief can get into his hands in this way, and he will enter the house casually. Not only the property is looted, but the lock on the door has to be changed.

The seventh way to prevent thieves

Normally build a good relationship with neighbors, and distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors. Neighbors should help each other, take care of each other, watch each other, and raise awareness of self-defense and coordination. When you go out, you must greet your neighbors and remind you to take care of them. If you have any problems, call you to confirm as soon as possible, so that you can find out and help solve them in time.

The eighth way to guard against thieves

If a stranger knocks on the door, be alert. Because the thief is very good at disguising as a courier, takeaway, property, or even the police, etc., trying to enter your home and step on the spot. In this case, you can call the property first to verify. When a female friend orders a takeaway or express delivery, the recipient can write the name of the boy. After the delivery is delivered to the door, he can also call her husband or a male name twice in the room, and then connect with the people outside. After unpacking the courier or takeaway, remember to eliminate personal information to prevent thieves or criminals from pretending to be a courier or delivery person stepping on it.

The Ninth Way to Prevent Thieves

Female friends who live alone should often invite friends to gather together at home, and have friends of the opposite sex. It is best to make the thief feel that they are not living alone. You can dry some boys' clothes on the balcony, but you should change them frequently, otherwise it will make the thief suspicious. The anti-theft door should also be equipped with a latch on the upper and lower ends of the door, even if a thief opens the anti-theft door, it is still impossible to get in. Slippers are placed at the door, and fake dramas have to be done. The thief will not dare to infringe upon it. You can also put a few empty wine bottles next to the door. Once someone enters, they will make noises to scare away the thief. Of course this is not very useful, but at least the sense of security will be higher.

"Ultimate trick" to prevent thieves-Danmini Smart Cat Eye

With this trick, the above-mentioned problems can be solved. After all, Danmini Smart Cat Eye is a nirvana to kill thieves, and it is also the strongest nemesis. The core nirvana of its trick is the "remote real-time monitoring" and "PIR motion detection automatic alarm push" function! A suspicious person outside the door stays longer than the owner's set time, perceive the person, automatically take pictures, video, push through the mobile APP "You have an infrared alarm message" Click on the APP to check the situation outside the door. Super night vision function with 100W high-definition camera, 170-degree super wide-angle, clear and perfect display on 4.3-inch IPS


With the large-screen indoor unit screen and mobile phone APP, you can see the hidden dangers outside the door 24 hours a day and have a panoramic view no matter whether it is day or night. The cat-eye head made of zinc alloy explosion-proof and pry-proof material perfectly solves the safety hazards of burglary when the thief disassembles the traditional smart cat eye and rotates the indoor door handle through the cat eye hole, as well as the anti-peep function to prevent the thief from stepping on the spot. Danmini has developed and manufactured smart cat eyes for 12 years. In addition to fully satisfying the needs of the owners, it has also set a benchmark for the smart cat eye industry with the prestige of the top three brands in the smart cat eye industry, and also allows you to control the safety of your home with one hand and prevent danger. Outside the door! A family safety net has been woven for thousands of households.

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