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With the development of technology and the needs of society, a series of security products have sprung up in everyone's lives, and more and more people understand, value and recognize smart home security products.

For example, anti-theft alarms, infrared detectors, door and window detectors, video surveillance alarm systems, smart cameras, smart locks, etc. are deeply loved by the masses. The purchase of cat's eye is an easily overlooked part for home security, and many people do not have a place in the selection criteria of choosing anti-theft doors.

Traditional optical cat's eye safety hazards

However, because the cat's eye structure is simple and easy to disassemble, it has become a big safety hazard. As everyone knows, a small smart cat's eye not only has the functions of the above smart security equipment, but also is safe and anti-theft, durable, and cost-effective. As a leader in the smart cat eye industry, the Danmini brand is a very good choice in smart security equipment.

In the case of "housebreaking" in recent years, people usually think that the thief climbed the wall or sneaked over next door. In fact, most thieves open the door of your house casually and swagger into the house. You can't even think of it. The special sturdy anti-theft door that you bought for thousands of dollars, ignoring one detail, has become the "helper" of thieves to open the door—traditional optical cat's eye.


Most of the burglary's modus operandi is to use the "reverse mirror" to check whether there is anyone in the room through the "two connections" of the traditional optical cat's eye, and then attack the traditional optical cat's eye after confirming that no one is there. This kind of cat's eye is particularly easy to remove, or even less. The part can be disassembled directly with bare hands. If not, you can disassemble the traditional optical cat eye with a pair of pliers. Use a special bending tool to turn the interior door handle through the peephole. The small traditional optical cat eye has such a big safety hazard, and it seems that the need for "upgrade and transformation" is also imminent.

Smart cat eyes are popular among the public

With the popularization of smart homes, smart security products have gradually matured. Danmini Technology's smart home security products have gradually been integrated into thousands of households. This is a Shenzhen company established in 2011. It has always been a low-power audio and video solution provider, and the only intelligent security company in the country that integrates technology research and development, production and manufacturing plants.

The smart cat’s eye industry has also begun to take shape in recent years. There are also a variety of smart cat’s eye products on the market, and their prices range from hundreds to thousands of yuan. So what exactly does Danmini’s smart cat’s eye have? Function and magic are well liked by the public? How should we choose the smart cat eye that suits us? Let us take a look at the gap between them.

Entry-level smart cat eye

Smart cat's eye W5 product is positioned as an entry-level product, and the selling price is about 90-100 yuan. The cat's eye outside the door is made of zinc alloy, which is not afraid of smashing, prying, and compulsory damage. Using a horizontal 165-degree ultra-wide-angle high-definition camera, equipped with infrared night vision light for super night vision, it can be used normally during day and night without affecting it.


It also integrates the doorbell function. After the visitor presses the doorbell on the Maoyan, the indoor unit can take pictures with one key to save the visitor record, and the ringtone reminds the owner that someone is visiting. Equipped with rechargeable and buried batteries, the smart cat's eye can be standby for up to 1 month with low power consumption technology.

IoT smart cat's eye

Damini Technology is based on smart cat eyes, YBELL as the core, 12 years of ingenuity in research and development and manufacturing, extending product form, launching a new smart technology "Internet of Things Cat Eye" to build a small ecology of smart home. Taking into account the user experience, the connection between the Internet of Things and the WiFi network is used to the extreme. It not only has a series of functions of the electronic peephole, but also realizes the intelligentization, that is, through the mobile phone APP push, a series of remote calls, remote alarms, remote photo and video transmission, remote information real-time reminders, remote unlocking and other functions are realized.

These are the iconic elements and core functions of Smart Cat Eye. The powerful function that allows the owner to bring the home around, and can observe the situation outside the door through the mobile phone for 24 hours, and no longer need to go to the door to see the smart cat's eye indoor unit.

Even if the business is not at home, Danmini Smart Cat’s "PIR motion detection" automatic alarm function, when someone is outside the door, the Smart Cat can quickly take pictures and videos, and push messages through the mobile APP to the owner to follow up the situation outside the door in time, which is helpful Suspicious people outside the door can be found at any time; in case of abnormal situations, you can call the police and contact the community property and the police with one button. When any visitor visits, the function of checking the situation outside the door by turning on the mobile phone at any time is enough to make everyone feel at ease.

Internet of Things cat's eye concept

The core technology of Damini Internet of Things Maoyan is actually the concept of "things connected". The innovative application of the Internet of Things function, which can be linked with other smart devices, also marks the beginning of the Smart Maoyan into the Internet of Things era.

The Internet of Things Maoyan represents the top of the Maoyan industry. The most important thing is that it can be linked with the smart door lock installed with the "433 module" chip to achieve the double protection effect of "security 1+1, anti-theft cover in the cover". The mobile phone can remotely control the unlocking, or you can unlock the lock when you can see who is outside the door, which has become the most important humanized and practical research and development.

Therefore, many door factories and lock factory companies are amazed by it. The main reason is to reduce the software docking of smart door locks and directly use Danmini’s 433 module chip, which can not only achieve better control of the security system but also Danmini's cat eyes are combined with each other to make intelligence more compelling, more practical and safe.

When talking about the functions of Danmini products, it is not difficult to find that smart cat eyes are not only the most anti-theft, but also solve the product experience of more people from the perspective of users, and completely solve the traditional optical cat eyes. The picture is small, the visibility is limited, children can't reach it, the elderly can't see clearly, it can't be used at night, and it can't talk to each other.

In fact, the children are at home, and the problems that parents are worried about can actually be solved with a smart cat's eye. However, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, how to choose smart cat eyes with such a big price gap.

Editor's Suggestion

If there are only elderly people at home, you can buy an entry-level non-smart cat eye, which is simple to operate and has a single function, which is very suitable for elderly people. There is a visual screen inside the door, which is convenient for the elderly to identify visitors, and the visitor information stored when the bell is pressed is convenient for children to go home to check and prevent parents from being cheated by scammers;

For younger generations or families with children who are enrolled at home, a smart cat eye is also a good choice. When there is movement outside the door, parents can check the situation outside the door in real time through the message pushed by the mobile phone, and they will also know that the child is home. Time, with the use of smart cameras, can more comprehensively protect home safety;

If you are more enjoy the experience of life and technology. You can try the latest Internet of Things smart cat's eye, which can be linked with other smart homes and set up more gameplay by yourself. It is also a high-power smart home product, which improves the quality of the home and reflects your own taste and sense of responsibility, and enjoys it in advance Smart life in the future.


In fact, in this stressful and fast-paced city, a smart cat eye can make us more at ease, comfortable, and at ease. After all, this home is the happiest and most important thing we should protect in this unfamiliar city. Especially for girls who rent a house in a relatively remote community, in order to live frugally and frightened, they really feel wronged. They should take up Danmini smart cat’s eye "weapon" to protect themselves and defend the only place that can feel belongs to them. .

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