Old people living alone are most likely to be stolen, indoor alarms are not desirable

2021-05-13 16:22:15 Danmini 1212128

Burglary incidents have been common since ancient times, and how to avoid property loss and safety has become a hot topic of public concern. It is understood that although some precautions have been taken, various uncertain factors and momentary negligence are still difficult to avoid being patronized by thieves.

Don't think that high-end communities will not be stolen. Thieves want to make a big deal and make a fortune. Such communities are the easiest to steal. What if the security guard is negligent, what if the monitoring equipment just breaks down or is repaired, what if a neighbour who is obsessed with money commits a crime? Everything is not impossible. Don't entrust your important life to the security and community equipment. We should have a sense of prevention. Don’t think that the home of the elderly is not easy to be stolen. The thieves will get along with the elderly and reach the attempt to be brought into the house. They will also ask the family members about their organization information and the rules of life, or directly pretend to be community management, and direct door-to-door sales, etc., Implement step-down points.

Why do thieves like to act like old people living alone? In addition to the fact that they are easily deceived and take them home as guests, they are stepped on by thieves. Another point is that old people are not used to the way of depositing and withdrawing money. They feel that they have to withdraw money if they want to use it. Convenience. And most of the elderly will have a pension, and they care about hiding at home, for fear that no one will take care of them without this money, etc. However, this has become a thief's specialty. You think the safest place is also the most familiar to thieves, and the locked place is more likely to be targeted! Although there is not much cash, the total value of valuables is tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. They also feel that they are safe, but none of them escaped this fate.

In addition, in fact, the proportion of burglaries from the elderly is not low every year. Originally, most of the houses where the elderly lived were old-fashioned residential buildings. The corridors were empty, and there were no monitoring facilities around. It was even easier for thieves to enter this environment. On the other hand, it is because the elderly are relatively weak in perceiving thieves to enter the house, and most thieves use windows or technology to unlock and enter the house. On the other hand, even if discovered by the elderly, the thief is agile and has a higher chance of getting out.


It is really unsafe for the elderly to be at home alone, and it is not advisable to install an alarm indoors. In case the thief jumps over the wall and the elderly cannot resist, it is easy to endanger their lives. Then, we can only keep the thief out of the door! There is no way, but to choose the weapons that make thieves fear in the world today! That's Danmini Smart Cat Eye! A camera mounted on the door, the appearance is extremely similar to ordinary cat's eye, but the zinc alloy material closely fits the facade and cannot be opened at all! The thief took a few seconds after stepping on the door, and quietly pushed Mimi's alarm to the child's mobile phone. At this time, we can call the elderly as soon as we are children and tell the elderly that we must not open the door! And inform the property and security of the community to implement arrest actions in time to eliminate harm for the people!

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