In the global Internet of Things market, Danmini Smart Cat Eye is unique

2021-05-11 16:04:29 Danmini 23125

The smart home industry to which Danmini Smart Cat’s belongs has been shouted in China for decades, and has not yet achieved a real landing so far. While people criticize various “pseudo-smart” products, they are still enthusiastic about it. Buyers, trying, consuming...there is no other reason, just because we look forward to the day when smart homes can truly land and enter our lives. Judging from the recent breakthroughs in domestic technology and industry, it seems that this day is no longer far away.

With the breakthrough of artificial intelligence technology, smart homes that are fully intelligent with the Internet of Things gradually come into people's sight. In the field of smart home in China, artificial intelligence technology and security systems will bring a brand new "product + service" experience; Skyworth has demonstrated smart home solutions represented by IoT technology and artificial intelligence;


Although these are only the initial stage of the combination of smart home and artificial intelligence, in the future, AI and the Internet of Things will work together to achieve a fully intelligent smart home system that will no longer be far away. AI will become an important engine to promote the implementation of smart homes. And China is expected to become the "head sheep" leading this trend.

my country's smart home industry barriers are gradually being broken, and the cooperation between manufacturers and enterprises is getting closer and closer. It is believed that in the future, smart home solutions with "easy integration, simple installation, and stable control" will not be difficult to achieve. Danmini Smart Cat Eye can be installed directly with only a screwdriver.图片关键词


In the European market, security products have attracted the attention of consumers. Nearly 80% of broadband home users in countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany tend to choose smart home security products. According to relevant data, in Japan and South Korea, the penetration rate of smart door lock products is also 70%-80%. In comparison, my country's smart home penetration rate is less than 5%. According to statista data, the scale of my country's smart home market in 2015 reached 40.34 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 48% in the future, and the entire industry will enter a period of rapid expansion.

The latest report released by international management consulting firm Kearney shows that China may become the largest smart home market in Asia by 2020. Kearney partner, head of communications and electronics business in the Asia-Pacific region, and report collaborator Daubstein said: "In recent years, China has become one of the key drivers of global growth. First of all, the rapid growth of the country's overall economy has brought household income. The level has increased; secondly, China has become the world's largest IoT market. These two factors will make China one of the largest smart home markets in Asia and even the world. "Damini Smart Cat Eye is unique.

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