Danmini smart cat eye, visible to safety protection users

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The security measures of Danmini smart peephole are better than other electronic peepholes. It has ten unlocking methods such as 3D face recognition unlocking, remote unlocking, WeChat Bluetooth unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, app remote unlocking, mechanical keys, etc. , Which not only facilitates daily use, but also ensures adequate safety protection.


1. Physical security protection of Danmini Smart Cat Eye

1. Danmini smart cat eye adopts EMC electromagnetic protection technology, which can eliminate the problem of small black box. The lock cylinder uses C-grade pure copper real plug lock cylinder, which has the same security level as the Mercedes-Benz key, and strictly prevents violent unlocking.

2. Danmini Smart Cat’s Eye adopts geomagnetism detection technology and automatically locks after closing the door. At the same time, there are three ways to open the door, including door handle, electronic unlocking and emergency unlocking. In emergency, the indoor manual knob can be used to unlock the door, which is safe and fast.

3. The WeChat Bluetooth key unlock in the app is a new type of door lock unlocking method. The user clicks on the "Bluetooth key" option on the APP page to automatically jump to the WeChat applet interface, and the user will share the interface with visiting friends. The other party can directly open the applet link without installing an APP to unlock the lock remotely. At the same time, the user can browse the authorized WeChat at any time, assign and manage the authorized WeChat Bluetooth key, and delete it at any time.

4. Danmini Smart Cat Eye can realize functions such as remote user management, remote door lock status display, remote monitoring screen information reminder, etc., which greatly improves the safety protection level of the door lock while it is convenient for users.

2. Danmini Cat's Eye Data Security Issue

Because Danmini Maoyan adopts the app login management mode, many users have concerns about the data security of the door lock and surveillance video. In order to solve this problem, Danmini established a professional team for data management, and adopted a variety of methods to ensure data security:

1. Use the best domestic cloud service provider Alibaba Cloud server group to ensure the stability and security of the app.

2. APP and server use AES symmetric key encryption and decryption, AES key exchange process uses RSA asymmetric key encryption and decryption, to ensure that data encryption transmission is not easy to crack, and the encryption strength is high.

3. Using hardware ID dynamic encryption technology, each product ID is different, and the key is dynamically encrypted, which is more secure.

Danmini smart cat eye design is simple and atmospheric, with 3D face recognition, APP remote networking and many other practical functions, and it also has the capture of staying in front of the door, anti-pry alarm, trial and error alarm, low battery alarm, electronic defense, and unlocked alarm. And other functions, to maximize user safety issues.

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