Smart cat's eye from fine to interconnected, counting Danmini's technological wisdom

2021-06-10 15:38:48 Danmini 5

Due to the slowdown of the global economy, 2020 is already very difficult for many companies, and the unexpected new coronavirus epidemic has made the operations of many small and micro enterprises even worse. But Danmini seems to see the direction. It is assumed that the visual cat’s eye, which has the advantages of face recognition and active monitoring and alarm functions, will be docked with the epidemic prevention and control supervision and management platform of the community disease prevention and control center to help community streets to carry out key home isolation. Monitoring and realizing the point-to-point deployment control of "zero contact, second warning" can save a lot of manpower and material resources.

Technology in power, with flying paddles as the base, creating a "new business card" for China's smart home

The Internet seems to have become the dominant player in today's information society. The Internet model has brought a huge impact to traditional industries, and it is also changing people's living habits. Under the new round of business ecological changes, traditional industries have once again come to a "crossroads". How to use cloud computing, big data and other new IT technologies, as well as new Internet thinking to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading, and turn around, has become an urgent consideration for the majority of enterprises. And solve the new proposition. The smart cat's eye product has become a sharp knife for Danmini to break through the limitations of passive protection. It has been upgraded from the original "clear" traditional hardware to a "understandable" smart single product.


Standard lead, process reengineering

The topic of "digital transformation" has become a cliché. After years of practice, companies that have begun to transform have shown two completely different trends in their main business: "upstreaming" and "swiftly turning down". Danmini Intelligence, which has been deeply involved in the field of visual security and artificial intelligence for many years, took the "early bus" of the AI trend, delved into the combined application of security systems and artificial intelligence technology, and developed a series of active anti-theft smart products.


Trendy interaction, refresh the experience

The close integration of artificial intelligence technology and security systems is an inevitable trend at the moment. How to better integrate AI into security application scenarios is a future that requires all companies to work together to explore. Danmini Technology is determined to unswervingly walk in the forefront of smart security and create a smarter and safer living environment for the society and thousands of families.

Committed to being a company trusted by customers and growing together with Chinese companies, Danmini has been on the way!

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