Danmini smart lock allows you to be a "lazy landlord", why bother to rent a house?

2021-06-10 15:39:16 Danmini 2

In the past three years, when traveling out, we often find a phenomenon: all homestays, short-term rental apartments and hotels have been installed with smart locks; in the past two years, long-term rental apartments have blossomed everywhere in my country. It is not difficult to find that smart Locks are also a standard feature in long-term rental apartments; in the past year, even individual landlords who publish rental information on major rental platforms have all installed smart locks.

Landlord’s distress: changing tenants requires changing locks

Renters are more mobile. According to most landlords, they change tenants on average 2 to 3 times a year. Once tenants are changed, it means that the door locks and keys have to be changed. Changing the locks is time-consuming and laborious. It costs 200 yuan, and through smart locks, you only need to delete the tenant’s fingerprints, passwords and other information on the day the lease expires, avoiding the trouble of frequently changing locks.

The trouble of renting has been there from the beginning. If the tenant wants to look at the house, the landlord has to come over and open the door to take a look. Sometimes he needs to ask for leave from thousands of miles; for convenience, give the key to the agent, which is not safe. With the Danmini smart lock, the landlord can generate a one-time password when the tenant visits the house and send it to the agent or acquaintance. The password will automatically expire after use. It is simple and convenient, and there is no need to worry about security.

Traveling thousands of miles to open the door for tenants who have forgotten their keys, and re-key the tenants who have lost their keys... Many landlords have encountered this kind of thing. With Danmini smart door locks, there will be no similar troubles.

In addition, many landlords have also encountered "old tenants" who are in arrears with rents, and they are always urged and asked not to pay. The more soft-hearted landlords have nothing to do with this. Through the Danmini smart lock, the landlord can bind the tenant's password to the lease term. When the rent expires, the door password will automatically become invalid, saving the trouble of collecting rent.

Landlords are not the only ones who like smart locks

Not only does the landlord save worry and effort, tenants also prefer smart locks. For tenants, if you can unlock with a fingerprint/password, why do you need to have a complicated key? Many tenants have other needs. For example, some tenants often need cleaning services. With a smart lock, it will be much more convenient ; Some users have pets, and their pets are unaccompanied during long holidays. With smart locks, they can generate passwords and entrust their friends to come and take care of them. When a tenant chooses a house, the smart lock will increase the goodwill of the tenant to a certain extent, and even achieve a house premium.

Danmini has a consistent enthusiasm for the smart lock industry, and many years of lock making experience have established its reputation in the industry. Gain insight into market changes in the course of development, and strive to improve self-strength. In the current impetuous industry environment, Danmini continues to innovate models, technologies and products, and has a sense of mission to promote the development of the industry!

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