Equipped with Danmini Smart Cat Eye, the thief stepping on the spot is undoubtedly self-inflicted

2021-06-10 15:40:48 Danmini 4

Recently, a video on a certain sound about the triangle sign at the door of a certain community owner caused heated discussion. According to related investigations and references, it turns out that this "right triangle" symbol turned out to be a thief stepping on! And the inverted triangle represents single male residence, and " "Equity triangle" means that single women live! I feel a cold sweat behind my back when I think of it!

Not afraid of thief stealing, afraid of thief thinking

When we find suspicious symbols on the door or the wall, we must be vigilant and wipe it off as soon as possible. This may be a thief stepping on the dot symbol! The purpose of this symbol is to inform our associates whether the marked residence can be stolen. The gang has a clear division of labor. Usually one person steps on the spot to make a mark, and one person is responsible for stalking. After making the mark, he leaves the community and never returns to the community. Then another group of accomplices was notified and the owner who had marked the community committed burglary. Therefore, if suspicious symbols are found, they must be dealt with as soon as possible, and there must be no chance of luck.

Don't underestimate the thief, just open the door and enter your house

Over the wall? Climbing the pipe? Prying the window? None! You can open your door in just two minutes! Someone said, "I bought a security door, the strongest one!" Someone said, "The security lock I bought, Stainless steel!" First of all, I am very pleased that everyone has a sense of home security, but it is not detailed enough. The ordinary cat eye on the anti-theft door will be your biggest security risk!


How does the thief enter the house? First, use the cat’s eye to look into the sight glass, and use the principle of the lens that the two ends of the cat’s eye communicate with each other to see if there is anyone in the room. After confirming that there is no one, pry open the ordinary cat's eye, use a special lever tool to turn the indoor door handle through the cat's eye hole, open the door, and burglary!

The nemesis of the thief, the clairvoyance of the home——Damini Smart Cat Eye

Anti-theft door can not be bought, Danmini smart peephole must have it! It integrates peephole and doorbell functions, with remote real-time monitoring, 24 hours to check the situation outside the door; PIR motion detection alarm push to the mobile phone; super infrared night vision, regardless of Day and night, the situation outside the door is clearly visible; zinc alloy cat head anti-theft, anti-pry, anti-peeping, anti-peephole unlocking; 4.3-inch IPS large-screen display with 160-degree ultra-wide angle, the hidden dangers outside the door are clear at a glance;


A seemingly inconspicuous little thing has such a powerful function, even a cunning thief will make a mistake and get caught. Dare to challenge the PIR motion detection function of Danmini Smart Cat’s Eye? An alarm will be triggered within 15 seconds, and the video will be automatically captured and sent to the owner’s mobile phone. In communities, apartments, hotels, etc., there are countless thieves caught, and the resume is credited! It has been recognized and loved by the broad masses of people. With these support, the Danmini brand will be invincible in the future with the prestige of the leader in the smart cat eye industry. Thousands of households weave safety nets!

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