Smart home competition and integration coexist, platform-based transformation is accelerating, and the market is the standard for testing

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Smart home development trend: products: accurate user needs, deep mining service value; technical standards: competition and integration, the market is the test standard; competition evolution: cross-border cooperation is obvious, platform transformation is accelerated; entrance form: voice control will become the smart home Important entrance; profit model: Intelligent hardware is the starting point, and follow-up services are the protagonist.

Smart homes are gradually becoming a symbol of quality life and smart homes, and many brands have risen to gain an entrance. In the face of the chaotic war between heroes, smart homes urgently need a unified industry standard and model. At present, all aspects of smart home are developing in a positive direction.


Technical standards: competition and integration coexist, the market is the inspection standard

Judging from foreign experience, smart home standards are initiated by leading companies, and then improved, confirmed, and promoted by alliances that adopt unified standards. There is no mandatory standard. Currently, my country has no mandatory standards in the field of smart homes.

The competition between technical standards is not a bottleneck or obstacle that hinders the development of the smart home industry. On the contrary, these competitions are embodied in the cost, stability and comfort of different smart home systems, which can meet the needs of smart homes at different levels, thereby jointly promoting the development and growth of the smart home industry.

What kind of technology the smart home system will adopt is not necessarily one or the other. In an ideal state, the control center can be compatible with multiple transmission media and control methods according to the network environment conditions and the specific requirements of the equipment. Realize flexible communication and control.

In the long run, different types of technologies and different standards under the same type of technology have a trend of integration and development, and the market will be the leading factor in determining the existence of standards and the success of the results. With the gradual improvement of standards and the natural selection of the market, the two major standards and even other standards that may appear in the future will complement each other and jointly support the future smart home system.

Entrance form: voice control will become an important entrance of smart home

Voice assistant hardware is more convenient than the interactive form of buttons and touch screens, and voice control will become an important entry point for smart homes.

Market participants such as technology, Internet, IT giants, technology providers, content manufacturers, and traditional speaker manufacturers have cut into the smart speaker market from their own advantages to seize market dividends. Among them, technology giants and Internet giants occupy technological and platform advantages and become more important participants in the smart speaker industry. They build the entire industry chain through smart speakers, build a smart speaker ecosystem, deploy smart homes, and obtain new traffic portals.

Product development: Accurate user needs and dig deep into service value

Smart home is not only remote control, but more importantly, the service value it brings to consumers. "Function + control + experience", smart home with interconnection to achieve "friend circle", is gradually becoming the new favorite of consumers.

From a functional point of view, smart home is not only remote control, but more importantly, the service value it brings to consumers. In the future, home appliances will be upgraded in the direction of intelligence and high-end.

From the control point of view, the direction of human-computer interaction in smart homes is foolish and easy to use, and then to artificial intelligence. Voice interaction has become an ideal mode for users to "communicate" with devices.

In addition, each product and equipment of the smart home must be interconnected and exchanged in order to realize its value and bring good perception to users.

Profit model: Smart hardware is the starting point, and follow-up services are the protagonist

The trend of smart home platform operation makes its hardware products not the only means of profitability, and there will be more channels to expand profitability in the intermediate links. The introduction of e-commerce, payment, advertising, games, video content, short-distance community life circle services, family data collection, etc. will all generate tremendous value.

Therefore, the hardware sales strategy focuses on pursuing scale at low prices and lays the foundation for the provision of value-added services in the future. After sufficient connections have been accumulated, user usage data and future derivative information services can both bring huge profit margins.

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