Smart home is not a gimmick, home security "smart cat's eye" is the key

2021-06-10 15:48:19 Danmini 6

Traditional home security facilities are passive defense, unable to make the most effective response plan when encountering danger. This article shares with you a magical technology product that allows you to bring your home around you 24 hours a day, and can stop danger in a timely and effective manner-Smart Cat Eye

When it comes to home security, everyone knows to buy expensive anti-theft doors, door locks with complex cores, strong anti-theft windows, and so on. I thought to myself, as long as it can't be broken or pried, it's safe to guard against theft! There is very little understanding of emerging security products in this era.

For home security, our concept must keep up with the pace of society, and let passive defense facilities give them "life" so that they can "live" and become active defense, alarm push, and remote real-time monitoring. Some people say, isn’t it enough to install a monitor? Did you know that when you check it out on the monitor, your home has been looted, which is tantamount to making up for it! Therefore, what we need more is a smart alarm. The thief was found and arrested when he was still trying to open the door. That must be a relief!


For smart homes, most people don't think it needs any convenience. Just move around. It's just a gimmick and has no practical meaning. In fact, we cannot be biased by advertisers. The most important thing about smart homes is not convenience and speed, but safety and health.

Danmini Smart Cat Eye integrates the functions of doorbell and monitoring. When the doorbell rings, the electronic cat eye screen displays the image outside the door. And it perfectly solves the safety hazards such as the traditional optical peephole must be used close to the door, the field of view is narrow, the elderly and children are not used, not used at night, it is easy to be pried, prying, and the door is opened blindly. Remote mobile phone real-time monitoring, PIR motion detection and alarm function, when you encounter danger, you can directly push messages to the mobile phone APP, and you can check the situation outside the door by clicking on it.

Equipped with 4 infrared night vision lights for super night vision, normal use in no light environment, 160-degree ultra-wide-angle, mega-high-definition camera, suspicious situations outside the door are clearly visible. The zinc alloy pry-proof cat's eye head and the zinc alloy explosion-proof indoor unit are safe and anti-theft and pry-proof. The IPS large-screen display can be seen clearly at a long distance, and can be used by the elderly and children. Realize remote control and remote alarm through home WIFI or mobile phone 4G network, smart cat eye network. Realize that when guests visit, ring the bell to alert the alarm, alarm photos, and video messages are pushed to the mobile phone. Multi-user management, can support 5 mobile phones to view and operate at the same time.

So many practical functions are not expensive at all, you can buy Danmini Smart Cat Eye for a few hundred dollars. To this end, we call on everyone to pay more attention to family security, let your family be smart and "live", so that family safety can be achieved to the extreme. Realize "remote real-time monitoring" and "motion detection alarm" 24 hours a day to take care of your home nursing home and escort you.

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