Why choose Danmini Smart Cat Eye?

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Common usage scenarios of smart cat eyes:

① When the child is at home alone, if someone knocks on the door, the child is not tall enough. If you don't know who the knocker is, and the traditional cat eye is installed in the home, it is dangerous to open the door rashly. With the design of the smart cat’s indoor host and high-definition camera, children can see who is outside the door when they look up, which effectively prevents accidental opening of the door and protects family safety.


②Hello, Yunda Express! When you are not at home, but someone delivers takeaways or express delivery to your home, courier brother, press down the smart cat eye, and then tell the courier brother after the phone prompts, "I'm not at home, please leave the courier outside the door Okay.” Or you can choose to open the door remotely and put the courier indoors.

③ The traditional cat-eye adult can pry open with bare hands, and then extend the crime tool from the hole to open the door. The cat head and indoor unit of Danmini Smart Cat’s Eye are made of zinc alloy. The professional anti-pry design and effective alarm function are all lines of safety. When the Maoyan is damaged or the camera is separated from the host, the smart Maoyan is pushed through the APP, and the mobile phone will immediately receive a warning message, so that the owner can know the situation at the door of the house and can record it for the convenience of protecting their rights. And the entire push process is hidden and silent, and the perpetrator is notified of the business or the police will bring him to justice without the perpetrator’s knowledge. Or open the call and talk through the video, which is enough to scare the bad guys away.

④ Monitor the alarm, and alert you when someone stays at home.

A smart peephole gives the door a sense of security! You can see the situation outside the house clearly through the screen, and the days of "open one eye and close one eye" looking outside the door through the peephole are gone~

Compared with the traditional cat’s eye, the smart cat’s eye has added 2 key functions. One is networking and the other is video surveillance, which can be understood as an upgraded version of the electronic cat’s eye (visual doorbell).

Traditional optical cat eyes have huge security risks, and various burglaries are frequent. Do you and your family still use it?

Nowadays, many household anti-theft doors are equipped with peepholes to facilitate the owner to observe the situation outside the door. But many people don’t know that cat’s eye has become a new loophole for burglars.

Emerging technology crime: Some thieves use professional tools to remove the cat’s eye, penetrate the special crime tool into the room through the cat’s eye hole, open the door lock to carry out theft, and this process takes less than 2 minutes.

In Guangdong, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other places, there have been many cases of unspoken elements using cat’s eyes to open locks and enter the room, and they have spread across the country. The traditional optical cat eye has become an entrance passage, seriously threatening home safety.

How many felonies of traditional optical cat's eye?

1. Optical imaging, the viewing angle is small, the scope is limited, it must be seen close to the door, which is not hygienic.

2. The child is not tall enough to see, the old man cannot see clearly, and he opens the door blindly without knowing the situation outside the door.

3. At night, the corridor cannot be used without lights, and the hidden dangers outside the door cannot be clearly seen.

4. Use "anti-cat's eye" to see indoors from outside the door to spy on users' privacy.

5. The criminals found no one in the house, removed the cat's eye, opened the lock and entered the house.

A new generation of anti-theft artifact-Danmini smart cat eye, escort your home safety!

Damini Smart Cat Eye creates a new century of cat eye and is the last line of defense for home safety. Under the premise of not breaking the door structure, the existing peephole door holes are used, no holes are required, no wiring is required, and simple installation can be used.

Danmini Smart Cat Eye integrates the functions of cat eye and video doorbell, which can replace door monitoring and building intercom. It overcomes the shortcomings and safety hazards of traditional optical cat eye and keeps your home under control.


Danmini smart cat's eye 9 protections give you a safe home!

Zinc Alloy Cat Eye Head

Anti-theft, anti-pry, and prevent opening the lock with cat's eye.

Mobile phone remote one-key housekeeping

No matter when and where, you can take the initiative to look outside the door with your mobile phone.

Infrared night vision

Completely solve the darkness outside the door at night, completely unable to see the outside

Motion Detection

When someone moves outside the door, it automatically detects and takes pictures, and sends an alarm message to the mobile phone. You can control the situation at the door at any time and guard the safety of your family.

Visual intercom, real-time monitoring

One-key ringing call, real-time video intercom, you can interact with people at the door remotely and monitor the situation at the door when you are away.

Built-in 4.3 inch IPS screen

The large screen shows the situation outside the door at a glance.

170 degree wide angle

The wide-angle vision provides a panoramic view of the situation outside the door, leaving nowhere to hide the danger.

2 storage functions, 30 days free cloud storage/8G memory card local storage.

Data encryption is leak-proof, the cloud server is safe and private, and the memory card can be used for local storage. Cloud storage allows you to view alarm information and visitor information for 30 days for free. The 8G memory card can save 4000 15-second videos.

Multi-user management

Even if you are away from home, you can watch the house remotely. One device supports 5 users to log in, and multiple people can view it at the same time.

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