Source manufacturers of smart cat eyes: How to prevent the hidden smart cat eyes from being opened?

2021-06-10 15:54:46 Danmini 16

Most of the anti-theft doors now have hidden smart peepholes. Although there are peepholes on the anti-theft doors, although they can bring us a certain degree of convenience, they also bring some convenience to uninvited guests to a certain extent; because in many cases, anti-theft doors The lock can be opened from the peephole, so the question is, how can the hidden smart peephole of the anti-theft door prevent it from being opened? Today I will share with you this problem, and I hope it will be helpful for you to solve the peephole opening!

How does the anti-theft door prevent the smart peephole from being opened?

Want to solve the problem of how to prevent the peephole from opening the anti-theft door? We must start with the three aspects of the anti-theft door itself, peephole and lock, to solve the problem of opening the peephole. Next, the editor will make a detailed analysis for everyone based on these three aspects. I hope that it will be something for everyone. Draw on.

1. Purchase anti-theft doors without peepholes

Reason analysis: anti-theft doors without peepholes naturally have no holes to start, and there is no peephole to open the anti-theft doors. Therefore, some anti-theft doors equipped with developed trademarks are non-peepholes. This method can prevent peepholes from opening.

Analysis of pros and cons: The anti-theft door without a peephole, if a stranger knocks on the door, we cannot see the outdoor situation through the peephole, which is not conducive to safety precautions to a certain extent; and its advantages are generally cost-saving and anti-peephole opening.

Personal opinion: I personally feel that anti-theft doors without peepholes are not particularly ideal, because they cannot solve the situation of people outside the door, which is not conducive to improving their life safety, so I still recommend that you buy anti-theft doors with peepholes.

2. Install the anti-theft smart cat eye to prevent the cat eye from being opened

Reason analysis: ordinary cat eyes are generally detachable on the outside, and the material is very thin, most of which are made of plastic and aluminum alloy. These cat eyes basically do not have anti-theft, they are only a decorative function; anti-theft cat eyes are not removable on the outside Yes, the cat’s eye can only be removed indoors, and the material of cat fat is generally stainless steel or zinc alloy, and the material is thick, and the lens generally has four layers (two layers inside and outside, and the material is thicker) , So this kind of cat's eye can prevent cat's eye from opening to a certain extent.

Analysis of pros and cons: The price of anti-theft cat’s eye is relatively high, the normal price is between 50 and 200 yuan, which may be difficult for some ordinary consumers to accept; although this anti-theft cat’s eye has a certain anti-cat’s eye opening function, it can still be opened with an electric drill. What destroys is only the duration of destruction.

Personal opinion: As long as the purchased material is thicker and has the function of preventing the opening of the cat’s eye, the safety factor is generally high. It is impossible to force the cat’s eye to be destroyed by uninvited guests. For this kind of thicker cat’s eye, forced destruction will cause a certain amount of damage. The noise of the uninvited guest is mainly to be quiet, so for this kind of cat's eye, the uninvited guest will not break it and open the anti-theft door.


Don't buy anti-theft door locks with double fast function, which can naturally solve the problem of anti-cat eye opening.

Reason analysis: If we are not buying an anti-theft door lock with dual fast function, it is basically impossible to open the anti-theft door through the peephole as long as the key is reversed; if we buy an anti-theft door lock with dual fast function, no matter whether we are anti-locking or not, The anti-theft door can be opened by pressing down the handle through the cat’s eye (because people are not at home, there is no insurance at all, so pressing the handle will always open the anti-theft door).

Note: You must remember to lock the anti-theft door with a key when you go out. Don't just lock the door, or just lock a small oblique tongue. At this time, you can open the anti-theft door with a peephole, but once the door is locked with a key, it cannot be opened by the peephole. Anti-theft door, so everyone remember to use the key to lock the door when going out.

Personal opinion: I think this scheme is the most ideal, because it has the function of installing ordinary cat eyes, and has the function of preventing cat eyes from opening. It is the best solution; it is currently loved by consumers with anti-theft awareness.

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