Smart cat's eye doorbell: How important is the smart cat's eye to the home security system should you know?

2021-06-10 15:57:11 danmini 7

In fact, the editor has always supported the security work of our community, so since I moved in, I have never considered installing smart cat eyes, not even a doorbell.

A few days ago, I saw a popular science news at home about how bad guys avoid cats’ eyes to commit crimes. The traditional cat’s eyes have blind spots, so you can only see a little bit, and you can’t see clearly at night! But now the cat’s eyes have blind spots. Drop the key from the lock opener found on the Internet to open the door, just remove the cat’s eye to open the door!!!. If the bad guys do this, it's really scary!

Having said that, everyone knows that smart cat's eye doorbells are necessary for residential surveillance and other security measures, and they are also very worthy of attention. This is also about the responsibility for the life and property safety of yourself and your family.


What are the black technology functions of the smart cat's eye doorbell?

1. HD shooting, real-time access by APP

Most smart cat eyes on the market have built-in 1080P high-definition cameras, and everything outside the door can be clearly recorded in this magical "eye". Users can check the situation at the door anytime and anywhere through the exclusive APP of Smart Maoyan. Whether it is a relative or friend, a takeaway brother, or a stranger, you can easily see if there is any danger.

2. All-weather monitoring, proactive defense, and identification of danger

With the existence of Smart Maoyan, your home is like a security guard who abides by its duties, guarding the safety of the home 24 hours a day. The smart cat’s eye also has a built-in new PIR human infrared sensor and an intelligent AI humanoid detection system, which can realize clear monitoring whether it is cloudy, sunny, dark, or during the day.

The smart cat’s PIR human body infrared sensor and smart AI humanoid detection system automatically activate the alarm function for suspicious persons staying outside the door, and report to the user’s mobile phone APP to remind the user to do a good job of defense. Intelligent detection and active alarm defense allow users to take the lead in stifling the danger in the cradle.

3. Remote call to identify people outside the door

As a representative of the smart home entrance, Smart Cat Eye can not only actively identify strangers for defense, but also has a more practical visual call function. When a user is at work or out of town, relatives and friends visit, and the identity can be confirmed through the video connection. The visual call function can also confirm the identity of the visitor without contact, effectively preventing the occurrence of dangerous events.

Here is the importance of smart cat's eye doorbell to home security. Of course, from monitoring to active defense to identity recognition, the smart cat's eye doorbell checks the user's home security layer by layer. The little smart cat eyes let you see everything outside the door and become the most loyal and reliable door god for users.

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