3D mask cracking face recognition technology? Smart cat eyes are not vegetarian

2021-06-10 15:26:32 Danmini 5

Recently, an artificial intelligence company in the United States claimed that they used 3D masks from Japanese special mask manufacturers to deceive WeChat and Alipay payments, and used photos to pass facial recognition at the largest airport in the Netherlands, and can enter the Chinese railway station in the same way. Technology and methods can be used for fraud, burglary, theft and other criminal activities, which makes many people worry about the safety of themselves and their property, causing a lot of panic.。


For this reason, Shenzhen TV Station conducted experimental tests with a high-precision 3D head model made of silicone material costing about 100,000 yuan. The result found that 2D smart locks and 2D mobile phones were opened in seconds, but the 3D payment system was not compromised. During the experiment, the payment system automatically popped up a request for secondary verification after identifying the 3D head model, asking to enter the mobile phone contact information, and verify again. After several operations, the result still showed failure.


Furthermore, it is not difficult to observe the report about this American company carefully, and it is not difficult to find that the video related to cracking the payment system and railway station gate has not flowed out, only text information, and there is a certain degree of suspicion. What's more, since the development of face recognition technology, Alibaba's toughness has blocked thousands of hacking attacks every day and protected over 100 million users who pay by using their faces. This is the so-called defense of "one country".


Face recognition is not just a problem of facial identification in the payment scene. The risk control system will combine the user's consumption habits, location information, mobile phone information, three-dimensional information, infrared information, and biometric recognition is not facial recognition, but multi-dimensional Comprehensive information judgement, heavy check,

In order to provide security.

Wang Jinqiao: “As for the possibility of face recognition being breached, it may always exist, because network security is an endless battle between offensive and defensive, “just control it reasonably and don’t be abused.” Although this 3D mask technology attack method is right Face-swiping payment has not yet caused a threat, but for smart locks and mobile phones, it has reached the point of "one hundred thousand seconds open"! There are certain security risks to family safety, property and personal privacy.


This is why in the market, most of them use five-in-one unlocking methods such as fingerprints, swiping cards, keys, passwords, and apps/small programs. Only a small number of companies have installed facial recognition unlocking methods to meet individual user needs. Because smart locks only have the performance of 2D technology, they are not as powerful as payment systems, and the State Administration for Market Regulation smart door lock consumer reminds that the State Administration of Market Supervision found during monitoring: the security risk of smart door locks equipped with facial recognition and remote unlocking functions Higher, consumers are advised to turn off the face recognition and remote unlocking functions.

Large companies with self-made locks will not be equipped with face recognition. The same is true for Danmini manufacturers. They independently develop and manufacture smart peepholes, smart locks, video doorbells, attendance machines, smart cameras and other smart home products that are not equipped with face unlocking. From the end, safety is the primary goal to protect every The safety of a family has woven a safety net for thousands of households.


Although the 3D mask cracks the face recognition technology, the smart cat’s eye is not a vegetarian. Even if you try to crack the 2D face recognition of the smart lock while wearing a 100,000 3D mask, it will be detected by the smart cat’s "PIR motion detection" function and sent an alarm. Go to the owner's mobile phone APP, through WIFI or 4G network, and 4 infrared night vision lights with super night vision function, so that the owner can monitor the movement outside the door 24 hours a day, anytime and anywhere, to ensure home safety. I would like to remind everyone not to blindly pursue home intelligence. Danmini Smart Cat Eye can already realize the Internet of Things and smart locks and other home facilities. We must implement it on the basis of safety in order to enjoy the good life of the family.

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