Smart cat eyes will become a rigid demand in the future?

2021-05-28 17:40:56 2

Smart cat eyes will become a rigid demand in the future? Speaking of smart cat eyes, many people don't know much about it. Therefore, smart cat eyes are often confused with video doorbells and other products. Personally, I don’t know what smart cat eyes are for. But since using the Danmini Smart Cat Eye, I have a deeper understanding of this kind of products.

From the experience of Danmini Smart Cat Eye, the first is to increase the family safety protection function. Installed on the door of your home, you can clearly view the situation outside the door, and our Danmini Smart Cat’s Eye S3 uses a 4.3-inch 1280*720P high-definition resolution screen and a 100W pixel camera 1080P picture effect, plus 4 infrared Night market lights can be viewed clearly at any time. There are also some products on the market with lower configuration, but most of them are night vision lights, and the experience is poor.

And this Danmini smart cat eye can be connected to local WIFI, and you can check the home situation at any time through your mobile phone. If someone rings the bell, you can make a remote call and video call; if a stranger stays at the door of the house, you can automatically capture the alarm and push the message to the mobile phone to replay it at any time. In addition, there are functions such as automatic detection and low battery alarm.

These functions are sufficient to meet the daily family safety and nursing needs. For example, you can see when the parents go out and return home, whether the children go home on time after school, whether there is any stranger behavior in the corridor at the door, even if there is an incident of burglary. Evidence can be obtained at any time.

I personally believe that Smart Maoyan is a brand-new smart product, and it is still in its infancy regardless of its popularity or the current size of the industry. The technological convenience of life that has been felt from personal experience and practicality will soon be known to more people, and it will definitely become a rigid need in society in the future.

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