The house is rented, but life is my own

2021-05-28 17:40:47 4

Regardless of whether the house is rented or bought, the first consideration is safety, but many people have very weak safety awareness. I am also one of them. As a member of the vast deep drifting, I live in an apartment in a city in the middle of the city. The most fearful thing is someone knocking on the door in the middle of the night, but since I installed the Danmini Smart Cat Eye, it completely solved me. Worries.  

This Danmini smart cat’s eye has a PIR motion detection function. When someone stays in front of the door for more than 1 second, the device will immediately take a photo and push the photo to my mobile phone, which can prevent thieves from squatting; it is also equipped with 4 Infrared night vision light, you can see the situation outside the door clearly even in the dark night. When a person is at home at night, someone knocks on the door and you can directly see the situation of the next visit through the Danmini smart cat eye, and notify your friends in time Or call the police. This makes me a woman who lives alone feels at ease.

In terms of installation, you only need to pass the cable through the cat's eye hole to connect to the host, and then fix the accessories in the door. All operations can be done with a screwdriver. Moreover, it is a monitoring device with an integrated metal body, and it is fixed with strong 3M glue and fixed with indoor and outdoor double screws. This double-fixed design is greatly improved in strength, and it is almost difficult to pick the lock. achieve. And there is a special anti-pry sensing device in it, which can automatically check whether the cat’s eye is pryed, upload the phone to the phone, and send out an alarm sound. Even if someone wants to pry the door, it is very difficult。    

Although the house is rented, life is yours. It is important to make yourself safe and comfortable. The price of a lipstick can be bought safely, which is really worth it!

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