Danmini smart cat eye, remove all safety hazards for you

2021-05-28 17:41:02 4

Last month, there was a burglary incident next door to our house, which made me and the other two neighbors feel very surprised and terrified. After that, they both installed smart cat eyes on their doors. I was at a loss. On the recommendation of a friend, I was also at a loss. I chose a smart cat eye-Danmini smart cat eye to add a protective wall to my home.

Speaking of this smart cat eye, after using it for two weeks, the experience is really good. This Danmini smart cat's eye can realize voice intercom with one button, and it is thoughtful that it can perform noise reduction processing to make the call clearer and has a great sense of use; one-button wake-up design, press the watch button at any time to view it in real time The scene outside the door; the 170° super wide-angle design allows you to have a panoramic view of all the scenes outside the door and remove all hidden safety hazards for you.

Moreover, this Danmini Smart Cat Eye uses an IPS high-definition screen and HD lens to clearly record the full picture of visitors. Even if a thief breaks into the home, the videotaped thief cannot escape the law. My personal favorite is that it has multiple modes. For example, when the visitor presses the doorbell at home, the bell will ring, and the indoor unit screen can be viewed directly at the same time; the Do Not Disturb mode is that the visitor will not ring after pressing the doorbell. The cat’s eye head DND indicator will light up to remind visitors that it’s now in the DND state; there is also the away-from-home mode, when the visitor presses the doorbell, the doorbell will ring, the indoor unit screen will not light up, but the photo or video function will be activated to record and record. Store visitor information, the three modes can be said to be very intimate and convenient.

Of course, this treasure smart cat's eye also has a FIFO function, which will delete the earliest photos or videos in order, that is, overwrite storage without having to process the memory regularly. There are also doorbells with up to 30 ringtones, you can choose the ringtone according to your own preferences. Danmini not only makes life wise, but also makes life happier and more comfortable, removing all hidden dangers for the family.

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