It's time to eliminate your misunderstanding of smart home products!

2021-05-28 17:40:31 2

I don't know if you feel this way. When you mention smart cat eyes and smart password locks, you feel that they are something that can only be used by rich people. I wanted to buy them, but I thought it would be very expensive, so I immediately dismissed this idea.

In fact, many people have a deep misunderstanding about smart home products. In fact, not all products related to “smart” are prohibitively expensive. For example, the smart home of Danmini’s home makes me very interested. The product quality is excellent and Not expensive at all! ! I have bought their smart cat eyes and smart code locks for a year, so that everyone around me has planted grass! Today I will give you a good chat about these two smart homes in our house.

First is the Danmini smart code lock. Before the code lock was installed, I would check whether my key was brought N times every time I went out, because once I did not bring the key and asked the door master to open the door and cost me two hundred oceans. , Really heartache! Since installing this Danmini smart password lock, there are multiple unlocking methods such as fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, and mobile phone unlocking, which completely frees my hands, and it can also take pictures of visitors, so that I know the situation of the home. The thief and the bad guy never want to enter my house anymore.

Next is the Danmini smart cat eye. This smart cat eye can be said to be a diamond cover at home. When a friend outside the door stays for more than 2 seconds, the Danmini smart cat eye will take a photo and send the information to my mobile phone; if the thief wants to force it Pry the door, Danmini Smart Cat Eye will sound an alarm and notify me to call the police. It is estimated that the thief was scared and ran away before I took out the phone and heard the alarm sound. I have been using Danminiga’s smart home for a whole year, and it has brought us great convenience and comfort in our lives, making home a safe haven for me to rely on, and it’s really not expensive, ordinary families can afford it, don’t let it The misunderstanding is getting deeper and deeper, so hurry up!

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