Danmini, a powerful brand in the smart cat's eye industry

2021-05-28 17:40:21 1

I believe that many people will be a little dazzled when choosing smart cat eyes. Which one should there be so many brands? Which brand of cat's eye has the best quality and most trustworthy? Undoubtedly, it must have chosen Danmini as a powerful label. Not only is their smart cat eye popular, but also smart password locks and video doorbells have been well received by users.

Today we will focus on talking about the smart cat eyes of Danmini~ Let’s take a look at the performance of Danmini cat eyes: 4 infrared night vision lights can see visitors clearly even in the dark night; 170° super wide-angle design, All the conditions outside the door can be seen in full view; the appearance of the visitors with 2 million professional security cameras can be seen clearly; there is also a FIFO function, which regularly processes memory for you, so many black technology performance blessings, directly kill ordinary cat eyes, and the quality of life We must start from the door to ascend.

Complete R&D system After 12 years of precipitation, Danmini has formed a complete set of R&D and production system. The products have a series of quality management standards from R&D to introduction of production, which can help customers provide standardized products and customized products. Hardcore quality Strict quality control and quality assurance are the soul of Danmini. Danmini cat’s eye has undergone 32 appearance proofing, 18 mold adjustments and 3 inspection processes. In addition, it will also conduct aging tests, high and low temperature inspections, and anti-vibration checks to ensure that each cat’s eye is perfectly formed before shipment. , Only the customers can use it at ease!

Danmini Smart Cat Eye has completely subverted the inconvenience caused by traditional cat eye and brought a peace of mind and convenience to many families. Danmini 2020, a powerful brand in the smart cat eye industry, will keep its original intention and use its strength to exchange more user support. And recognition!

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