Danmini WIFI video doorbell—absolute housekeeper

2021-05-28 17:40:15 3

With the trend toward high-end life, we have upgraded various requirements for life, especially in home decoration, smart home products are now popular in many families. For example, smart TVs, smart sweepers, smart peepholes, and smart video doorbells have gradually entered urban homes. Today, I strongly recommend Amway's video doorbell-Danmini video doorbell, which is an absolute housekeeper.

Danmini video doorbell has eight core functions such as visitor identification, front door change notification, stay and wandering alarm, remote video call, ultra-high-definition infrared night vision, anti-violent disassembly, ultra-long standby, and ultra-wide viewing angle. Its intelligence is self-evident. When someone approaches the Danmini video doorbell, the doorbell will automatically sense, and the signal receiver matched with the doorbell will ring and it will be synchronized to the message notification of your mobile phone. If you don't hear it, you can check who is coming to the door as soon as you pick up the phone. Among them, the call mode is also very advanced. When you are outside, when there are old people and children at home, you can pass through him if you want to explain something, and you can also see the home screen, which is practical and convenient.

Some people are more concerned about the battery situation. Generally, the alarm frequency of warehouses is relatively short, and the battery can last for 7-9 months; ordinary households: the alarm frequency is normal, and the battery can last for 5-9 months; the alarm frequency of general stores is more acceptable. It lasts for about 1-4 months. And this Danmini video doorbell is also very convenient to install. It is directly pasted on the door with 3M super glue, without worrying about falling, because it has the strength of a rivet and is very powerful.

Installing a smart video doorbell for your home will bring great convenience to life. When no one is at home, it is also an absolute housekeeper!

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