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2021-05-28 17:35:30 5

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to home safety. Traditional anti-theft locks and cat's eyes have begun to show great disadvantages. First, there is no way to prevent theft well, but the scope of the cat's eyes is small, and it is easier for someone to open the house. aisle.

Therefore, smart cat eyes and smart password locks have begun to occupy a large position in the market. However, the market is full of products with good and bad. It is especially important to choose a good smart home product to ensure the safety of your home.

Danmini's position in smart home products is among the best. For more than ten years of research on smart home products, it is possible to provide customers with strong Internet of Things security and services. Danmini's best home security products are smart electronic peepholes, smart anti-theft code locks and smart video doorbells. These three kinds of black technology products provide the most perfect protection for the most important security door of the home.


Danmini Smart Cat Eye has a super wide-angle, you can see every corner outside the door at any time, without giving criminals a chance to hide, not only that, but also has motion detection camera function and mobile phone remote conversation function, etc., you can describe it like this, smart electronics The cat's eye is the smart eye that guards the door for the owner. There is also a built-in doorbell, so there is no need to spend an extra money to install the doorbell.

Danmini smart anti-theft password lock has twelve black technologies, fingerprint, password, card and mobile phone unlocking, multiple unlocking methods are more convenient to use, and there is also an anti-theft camera and lock picking alarm system. Different from ordinary electronic code locks in the past, this smart code lock is no longer as easy to be picked as a traditional mechanical lock, so it is very safe. The recognition rate is high and the security is higher. The only anti-theft code lock that has passed the very strict inspection is a code lock that can be used for a lifetime.

Danmini's smart home products are very reliable, both in software and hardware, thanks to Danmini's concentrated research and development over the years. I hope that in the future, Danmini can continue to upgrade smart home products, so that consumers' home safety can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

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