Danmini smart cat eyes, give the family an extra layer of care

2021-05-28 17:40:02 7

I am a mother of two children. The eldest son is eight years old and the youngest daughter is three years old. It's the time for mischief. Especially the eldest son has already learned a lot of skills. Opening and closing the door is naturally difficult for him, but the biggest disadvantage of the eldest son is that when he opens the door, he will open the door directly as long as he hears the doorbell ringing. This makes it sometimes only take the younger daughter. I was very worried when I left the house and left my eldest son at home alone.

I asked my eldest son why he opened the door directly. He told me that the cat's eyes were a little high and he couldn't see anything clearly, so he didn't think it was necessary. Sometimes my parents-in-law, who stayed at my house for a while and helped me take care of the children, also have such a bad habit. I have always worried about their safety. After all, if the traditional cat’s eye is not used correctly, not only will it not become a barrier to the home, but it can even become a tool for criminals.

Later, I accidentally learned that my colleague used the smart electronic cat eye made by Yuyuan Technology, so I personally went to my colleague’s home to experience this cat eye. Its super wide angle can clearly show the corners of the door. Not only that, but also With night market function, you can see clearly during the day and night. Not only that, in addition to the built-in doorbell, it also has a very practical function, which is motion detection. As long as someone stays at the door for more than 2 seconds, the mobile app will prompt the owner of the household. Is it a special black technology? Since the mobile phone and the electronic peephole are connected through a wireless network, it is possible to remotely chat and send videos through the mobile phone. The cat’s eye outside the door is made of aluminum alloy, which is wear-resistant and impact-resistant. It will not happen in the past news that the cat’s eye is pried open by criminals and then the door lock is opened.

After returning from my colleague's house, I immediately placed an order for the Danmini smart electronic peephole. The delivery speed is very fast, and the door-to-door installation speed is also very fast. After teaching my family how to use it, since they all have a strong interest in this black technology cat’s eye, there is no need to remind them to remember to look at the cat’s eye. Now my son tells me that he thinks it’s very clear to look outside. I am also willing to be more security-conscious in the future, and won't be so rash and impatient again.

Danmini smart cat eye products are really good. From my personal point of view, I sincerely recommend that people with children at home also install this smart cat eye, especially elementary school children, whose safety awareness is not as good as that of adults, so believe this The cat's eye can be the eyes of the home, protecting the children and the home. Since the use of this cat's eye is really great, I also plan to replace other furniture products, such as door locks, with Danmini in the future.

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