Smart cat eyes let you keep up with the Internet of Things era, what is the difference between traditional and smart?

2021-05-28 17:38:42 3

In the era of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence technology is becoming more and more mature, and people can better liberate themselves and allow better coordination between objects and objects, instead of people adapting to objects. Today, the Internet of Things has already penetrated into our lives, and smart homes are the best manifestation in our lives.

Through more than ten years of research, Danmini Technology has created products such as smart electronic peepholes, smart door locks, and video doorbells. Let ordinary people get closer to smart home products, and personally feel the convenience and safety of life brought by the Internet of Things. So what is the difference between traditional home furnishing products and Qiyuan Technology's smart home furnishing products?

Danmini Smart Electronic Cat Eye and Traditional Cat Eye: The traditional cat eye only has a single function, which is to look outside. However, due to the small visual range of the traditional cat eye and the easy image distortion when looking at it, it cannot be used at night without lights. . If someone who is willing to use anti-cat's eye equipment and pry the cat's eye to open the door, then the role of the cat's eye to protect the home will be lost. The electronic cat’s eye does not have such a problem. The electronic cat’s eye of Yuyuan Technology is made of aluminum alloy, which is resistant to abrasion and impact, and can’t counter cat’s eye. Not only that, but also realized the link between mobile phones and Maoyan, which is a true product of the Internet of Things era. Both the Android system and the ios system can be linked, and the real-time video call between the mobile phone and Maoyan can be achieved. The super wide-angle allows people outside the door to appear in the line of sight of the head of the household very clearly. If the visitor outside the door stays for more than two seconds , It can more actively notify the head of household via mobile phone.

Smart door locks and traditional door locks: Although traditional mechanical locks are relatively cheap, they can be quickly unlocked within a few minutes by a person who has a certain skill due to the simple operation method. Whether it is a flat lock or a cross lock, the lock will be unlocked at the meeting. The people in front of them are all in vain. Because the cores of traditional door locks are mostly copper, aluminum, and zinc, they can be destroyed even if they have no unlocking skills or use violence, which has a low protection factor for the family.

The Danmini smart door lock uses a variety of unused unlocking methods, and can be connected to a mobile phone to unlock remotely, and has a remote visual intercom function. Not only that, there is also an illegal capture function, as long as the visitor stays for more than two seconds, it will be automatically captured. The smart door lock adopts a C-level lock core, which has a high anti-theft technology coefficient. The strong twisting damage self-explosion locks, so that criminals cannot unlock the lock within 270 minutes, which is very reliable and firm. The smart door lock is also made of aluminum alloy, which is resistant to abrasion and impact, and cannot be dismantled violently. If you use violent prying, there is also an anti-theft alarm setting.

The products of the Danmini brand are really showing people what is the convenient life in the Internet of Things era, and what is the security guarantee in the Internet of Things era. While liberating hands, it also makes the home safer and more reliable.

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