Danmini video doorbell smart cat's eye game market blue ocean

2021-05-28 17:41:08 11

The static experience is upgraded and refreshed, and the beautiful design is "opened"

The over-simple shape and rigid panel plastics have always been criticized. In contrast, the new generation of Danmini video doorbell upgrades in these details to further make up for the lack of fashion and texture of the same type of products, the general outline , More delicate, detailed outline, more angular lines give a strong sense of freshness. The 4.3-inch high-definition large screen is the best choice for your mobile home.

With the dynamic trial and innovation blessing, the performance is smoother

In our modern society that advocates people-oriented everywhere, the concept of giving priority to civilian use of science and technology has been seen everywhere. It has quietly changed the traditional housekeeping concept of ordinary people. We can not only use mobile phones to observe the situation near homes photographed by video doorbells. , Eliminate safety hazards, and it is more convenient to operate, with richer methods and more cost-effective. The general doorbell workflow is almost "the same", and now with Danmini Smart, all the home security needs are fulfilled. Danmini video doorbell is indeed an excellent smart doorbell with powerful functions, simple operation, low cost and guaranteed quality. The doorbell's diversified communication services and wide compatibility can expand more application fields, allowing users to operate and communicate with ease.

Resist low-price and low-quality, brand effect and create brilliant

Danmini is a new generation of fully open intelligent video doorbell developed by Shenzhen Guoling Telecom Yuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. It integrates various communication services such as infrared night vision, photo and video, doorbell functions, etc., and can be used for people with different needs. The user provides a variety of tailor-made power supply modes to maximize the convenience of the user to take care of the house anytime and anywhere. In fact, unlike people’s traditional impression that small companies randomly make loopholes in their operations, Yuyuan Technology is a professional smart home brand with the most cutting-edge and most practical functions built with core technology and a strong team.

So far, another thriving brand has brought new impact to China's smart homes. I believe that Danmini will also bring good luck to all those who love her and become a walker in life!

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