Danmini's smart cat's eye can do three things with one stone

2021-05-28 17:41:14 danmini 12151

Last week, because I forgot to bring the key, I asked the master to come and unlock the door. As a result, the master started directly from the peephole and easily removed the traditional optical peephole on the door, and then directly turned the door handle with a special lever tool to open the door?


I was shocked at the time. It turned out that it is so easy to enter a room. No wonder I often see some news about burglaries, and I can't bear to get cold back when I think about it. Later, I told my friend that I forgot to bring the key, and the unlocker called in opened the door in less than a minute. I felt that the money was really good. Then she told me that they don’t have this set for their door. The door is equipped with Danmini’s smart cat’s eye. The zinc alloy cat’s head fits closely to the facade. It is anti-theft, anti-pry and anti-cat’s eye to open the lock. It hasn’t waited for you to do it. The PIR motion detection alarm function has been triggered, and the automatic capture can make the thief sit and wear it! Not only that, like me who often forget to bring the key can be equipped with a smart lock, and can realize the Internet of Things function with the smart cat eye. Friends who are away from home do not need to call a certain group to run errands if they come to visit!


When I heard this, there are such treasures in the world that are so amazing? If I also installed it, wouldn't it make me feel at ease at home, working in a company, or traveling abroad? In addition to the surprise, I remembered that there are no good gifts for my parents during the holidays. This magical thing not only does its filial piety, but also really protects the safety of my parents. My heart is at ease, and I can kill three birds with one stone! Buy him!

I bought the Danmini Smart Cat Eye some time ago, thinking that such a high-level thing would not be easy to install and debug, so I personally took it back to my parents. After I got home, when my parents were happy, I did not hesitate to take out the baby Danmini Smart Cat Eye, and said a heart-warming sentence, "Dad, Mom, I’m busy with work, and it’s not convenient to come back. , Although I rarely call you, I miss you all the time, thinking about your food and clothing, thinking about your health, and thinking about your safety. For this reason, I brought back a Danmini Smart cat eyes, we have to put them on for a while, so that I can feel at ease. "Looking at my parents looking at each other, smiling at the corners of their mouths, comforting and moving eyes, I feel that all these years of struggle are worth it!


The big man was not embarrassed to be so hypocritical, so he took my dad to open up and study the Danmini smart cat eyes, thinking about such a good thing, it must be very complicated! But after reading the manual, I know how simple it is. We only need the screwdriver in the package to install it, and there is no need to debug. It is a little troublesome to connect to the WIFI. Then I bind the main account, and my parents bind the two sub-accounts. In this way, we can receive the automatic capture, video push, and alarm functions of the Danmini Smart Cat Eye. Feeling that I have grown up, it is also a very beautiful thing to be able to share or hold up a responsibility for my family.

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