Smart cat eye artifact, let you have no worries about marching and fighting

2021-05-13 16:24:27 Danmini 4

Busy office workers outside are like soldiers fighting on the battlefield. They are not afraid of danger, not afraid of difficulties, can afford everything, and dare to rush for everything. They are brave and fearless throughout their lives without any scruples. The only scruples are their own homes. I always worry about my wife, children, and children at home, whether they are safe, whether there are old friends from far away visiting and having a closed door, whether there are insidious and cunning people defrauding elderly parents, whether the neighbourhood leads the house and deceives my homelessness. In this way, marching and fighting, how can there be no Worries.

Danmini Smart Cat's Eye integrates doorbell, cat's eye, camera and other functions in one. Indoor and outdoor two parts, the outdoor machine can record, support night shooting, music doorbell button, can also record and monitor the situation outside the door, the indoor machine has an LCED electronic display screen, can display the image of visitors, but also Set calendar, connect to mobile phone, music ringtones, etc. It is a must-have to guard against filth, a heavy security weapon, to remove the hostility of demons and ghosts, to guard against the devil's hands of gentlemen on the beam, to frighten the four directions and majestic all sides!

When the doorbell rings, the elderly can directly see the color images of the visitors through the LCED electronic display, and can make video calls through smart cat eyes without opening the door. It is better to be careful when you are not familiar with it. Children only need to look up to see outside the door, and they can know whether it is a big bad wolf outside without opening the door. At the same time, the photos of visitors are also saved in the memory card, so that the owner can come back and check if the situation is not right, and notify the family members and the property. Strengthen vigilance in management, etc.


Don’t worry if you can’t go home for a short time. As long as someone stays at the door for more than 5 seconds, Danmini Smart Cat’s Eye will automatically take pictures and video and push the screen alarm to the owner’s mobile phone, so you can know the movement outside the door and who is there at the first time. You just need to pick up your mobile phone to know if you have dangled or stayed at your door. You can also look through the records when you go home from get off work to see who has been there and find suspicious persons as soon as possible. Avoid making big mistakes.

The smart cat's eye that the elderly can see clearly and the children can use is just to make all the soldiers fighting outside peace of mind to conquer the city and succeed! The safety of the home in the distance is escorted by Danmini Smart Cat Eye! In this way, there is a smart cat's eye artifact, so you have no worries about marching and fighting!

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