The three features of Smart Cat Eye can get home security in one machine

2021-05-13 16:31:25 Danmini 11

The steel plate of the anti-theft door is getting thicker and thicker, and the level of the door lock is getting higher and higher, but is this really safe and anti-theft? Many people still have the traditional concept that this will ensure the safety of the family. This concept has created an opportunity for thieves, but there is still a hole in the door! Cat's eye hole, the thief's unlocking trick, the key!


The anti-theft doors and door locks, no matter how advanced they are, equipped with ordinary traditional optical peepholes, will become the "accomplices" of thieves! Thieves will use this kind of cat's eye and use a mirror to peek inside the room. Due to the poor material of this kind of cat's eye, some products can even be opened with bare hands for adults! It is easier for a thief to have tools. Pry open the cat’s eye, use a special steering lever tool to pass through the cat’s eye hole, turn the door handle, open the door and burglary.


Someone said: "The installation of peepholes on anti-theft doors was originally for safety reasons. If peepholes are insecure, what is the use of peepholes? Or, what is the use of anti-theft doors?" Optical cat eyes have long been criticized and can no longer meet people's needs. So what should we do? Actually, the most critical point for security is to develop with three major characteristics: monitoring, alarming, and inability to disassemble.图片关键词


The three major features are done in one machine, and that is the Danmini Smart Cat Eye. Feature 1: The zinc alloy cat head is tightly stitched to the facade, anti-theft, tamper-proof and anti-cat eye opening; Feature 2: PIR human body induction function automatically captures and saves the video; Feature 3: As long as someone stays at the door for more than the set time, it will start The video recording function is used to record visitor information, and the alarm is pushed to the owner's mobile phone, so that it can be handled in time when away from home. Using these three features at the same time, the thief has been spotted before he even started, and the only way to see Danmini's smart cat eye is to run!

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