How to choose the smart cat eye of the video doorbell that suits you?

2021-05-11 16:04:46 Danmini 112133

With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, Danmini smart cat eyes have begun to enter our vision; the smart home industry has sprung up everywhere and is in full swing;

As an important part of the smart home, the smart electronic peephole has been sought after as an upgraded alternative product. After all, ensuring the safety of the home is the most important part. However, due to the development status of domestic smart homes, many smart hardwares are inferior in quality, with poor functions, and mixed with fish. How to choose a good smart product to experience the fun of smart life has become a problem in front of us. It's all hard-earned real money.

The following editor will tell you how to buy a good electronic peephole!



First of all, according to the current development status of the cat's eye industry; a good Danmini smart cat's eye must have functions such as motion detection, infrared night vision, etc. in addition to a high-definition lens, and whether the overall design is humanized.

The so-called motion detection is the PIR human body sensor embedded on the cat’s eye head; once the sensor detects that someone is moving outside the door, it will immediately take a photo or video record the current visitor information. (Leave a clear image of suspicious persons) Infrared night vision refers to the built-in infrared night vision lamp in the cat’s eye head; when the light is not good, the night vision lamp will automatically turn on the fill light, and the image can be clearly imaged even in the dark night, so we need to talk more about it Because the infrared lamp emits infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye, there is no need to worry about light pollution.

In addition to these tall functions, there are also some factors that we must take into account when purchasing electronic cat eyes. For example, the material of cat eyes heads. Some conscientious companies will use metal materials such as zinc alloys to achieve a good anti-pry effect. In order to prevent criminals from destroying the cat’s eye head and unlocking and stealing the cat’s eye hole. In terms of cameras, the current domestic camera is basically maintained at about 1 million pixels; the highest is only 3 million, and the definition is generally not too high, but it can basically meet the needs when used as a cat's eye.

Various manufacturers of Danmini Smart Cat Eye have also spent their time in software design. For example, some have designed multiple usage modes, and users can switch at will according to different usage scenarios (at home mode, away from home mode, do not disturb mode). The FIFO function system can clean up the stored photos and videos for self-use in chronological order, so it is much more convenient to use and avoid the trouble of regularly cleaning the memory. You can choose products that meet your own needs and usage habits according to your personal needs.

Because there are too many low-quality products on the market; everyone must keep their eyes open when buying; look for the brand and think carefully before starting! I wish everyone can buy products of assured quality; experience the convenience and fun brought by smart life as soon as possible!

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