Danmini Smart Cat Eye, Leading the New Trend of "3D Face Recognition" Electronic Cat Eye

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Recently, Danmini Smart Cat Eye released a new smart cat eye product series in mid-2021. The series is based on: "3D face recognition + electronic cat eye + 4 inch large screen + smart wakeup + APP remote intelligent control + WiFi automatic networking" As the core of integrated functions, it has also become the latest trend of the new generation of smart cat eyes.


The Danmini brand is positioned in the mid-to-high-end market, focusing on connected smart cat’s eye related products. This new product uses the integration of "3D face recognition" + "smart cat’s eye" as the main selling point of the new product series. What are the specific products? Advantages?

1. Danmini smart cat-eye face recognition technology uses dual cameras to simulate human eye imaging to obtain three-dimensional data to prevent someone from taking photos to imitate the face to open the door, enhancing the security of recognition, and distinguishing the dynamic three-dimensional features of the user's face in real time , To avoid the problem of making up, wearing glasses or hats that can not read.

2. Maoyan's intelligent wake-up function can realize the face recognition function of automatically waking up the door lock within 1m. The height recognition range is from 1.2m to 2m, and the elderly and children can easily brush their faces.

3. Also as a video lock, Danmini Smart Cat’s Eye has a built-in high-definition wide-angle lens, and the panel is equipped with a 4-inch ultra-large high-definition LCD screen. It can be said to be larger in size for the door lock at the same price, and it is more convenient to observe the state of the door.

4. Danmini Cat’s Eye can realize 24-hour real-time monitoring, motion detection, automatic capture, etc. When a suspicious person stays outside the door, triggers the doorbell, and fails to try to unlock, the smart cat’s eye will automatically capture the photo, and the app will send it to the user’s mobile phone in real time. on.

5. The design style adopts a simple style, and the panel from top to bottom is a camera, an electronic peephole, a password keyboard, and a rotating handle. The inner and outer locks are designed with an ultra-thin body and a hidden control panel. At the same time, if the key is used to open the lock, the door lock will also rotate 45° left and right to open the door, which will not damage the overall beauty.

Face recognition + smart cat eye for remote monitoring, users may worry about the power consumption of the device. Danmini smart cat’s eye has a built-in 5000mAh super-capacity lithium battery and uses a low-power chip, which effectively guarantees the standby problem of the cat’s eye. In a one-time fully charged state, the lock can be used continuously for 4 to 5 months. If the motion detection and other functions are turned off, the standby time can exceed 6 months.

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