Smart electronic video doorbell installation suggestions?

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In modern cities, large and small districts are becoming more and more aware of security. The regular basic installation of Danmini electronic video doorbell is a common basic security standard in ordinary commercial communities. Electronic doorbells are still very common in family life. Equipment, especially in recent years, this product has not only improved people's living standards. And safer than traditional doorbells, electronic intercom doorbells are becoming more and more popular.


However, many of my friends are not very clear about the installation of the electronic intercom doorbell. So, how to install an electronic intercom doorbell? The doorbell device is best installed in a place where there is no wind and rain. The choice of location should take into account that there should be minimal obstacles between the door machine and the indoor machine. Obstacles will weaken the signal. Turn on the power, the indoor unit and installation location users plan to install the indoor unit and adjust the indoor unit according to the signal strength. The recommended installation height is 1.3 to 1.8 meters. If the cable goes over the wall, you can wrap the plug with tape first, and you can basically avoid some malfunctions!

Installation of wireless video intercom doorbell

(1) Open the screw at the bottom of the doorbell, take out the hanging shell, and fix the hanging shell with rubber plugs and screws.

(2) Select power-off unlock or power-on unlock, connect the unlock cable to unlock the power supply.

The user needs to select the unlocking power supply according to the power of the electric lock, and set the unlocking time and lock the parameters according to the equipped electric lock. After the purchase of the Danmini video doorbell, there is a manual in the packing list. You don't need a screwdriver and you don't need to damage the wall. You can directly use 3M glue to fit the video doorbell buckle hanging plate closely. This design is not only convenient but also very convenient. Now that we have introduced some details of the doorbell installation, let us talk about the details that need to be paid attention to when installing and wiring the doorbell. This will ensure that no one gets any details wrong or causes unnecessary losses.


First of all, when choosing a doorbell brand, you need to make sure to choose a good quality brand. You should also pay attention to the correct line of the doorbell. Second, when you install the doorbell button, you need to make sure that there is no rain. When installing the doorbell battery, choose a durable battery. Otherwise, changing the battery back and forth will be a hassle. Installing an electronic doorbell is actually very easy, as long as you install it in stages. The above is a basic introduction to the electronic intercom doorbell. If you want to install, you can refer to the above introduction for a successful installation. This kind of doorbell is quite common in people's lives. If you want to protect the safety of your family, you can choose to start with the Danmini visual electronic doorbell.

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