Smart Cat Eye: Some security drawbacks that you don't know, do you know these?

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Before introducing the smart cat's eye in detail, let's talk about the security drawbacks of the traditional cat's eye!

1. Optical imaging reduces the viewing angle, you need to look closer to the door.

2. The image is distorted, the line of sight is blurred, and the situation outside the door is unknown

3. At night, if there is no light, the corridor cannot be used and there is no danger.

4. Use the "cat's eye" to watch from outside the door to peep the user's privacy

5. The gangster found no one in the house, removed the cat's eye, opened the lock and entered the house.

As the first line of defense for modern smart home security, smart cat eyes are generally composed of zinc alloy cat heads and screens. One inside and one outside are installed at the peephole position of the anti-theft alarm door, replacing the traditional unit door access control and ordinary virtual peephole. It can realize a series of security functions such as remote video intercom, motion detection, alarm and permanent collection, and infrared night vision. Establish an all-weather home security protection system.


Don’t put your face to the door anymore and look at the guests

The biggest drawback of traditional cat eyes is that the image is small and easily distorted. The imaging pixels of the smart cat’s eye are basically as high as millions, and the lens basically has a wide-angle field of view. It is getting bigger and bigger, and it can take into account the experience of the elderly and children at home.

Even the darkness in the corridor at night can understand the existence of danger

Now many new smart cat eyes have built-in LED infrared lights, which can clearly see the corridor at night and clearly show the appearance of visitors. If you are at home alone and hear a knock on the door in the middle of the night, you will not be surprised. It is especially suitable for large rental apartments, nursing homes and other places.

Don’t worry about being stolen when you’re away from home.

The motion detection function is mainly for the anti-theft function of the smart peephole, which is why many people choose the smart peephole. This feature means that as long as someone stays in front of the door for a period of time, Maoming will remind those staying aside that they don’t want to use "anti-Kati" to spy on the user’s privacy, so they will remove the cat’s eye and unlock the door.

The current technology is developing rapidly. Smart cat eyes basically use large-capacity polymer lithium batteries, and the longest standby time can exceed 100 days. There is no need to worry about the long-term residual electricity.

The fun of connecting smart homes

For people who need to go out often, if they can open their mobile phones to check the situation at the door of their house at any time, they will undoubtedly feel at ease. The smart cat's eye with high-definition pixel display can clearly see the situation of the door, and has a long night vision capability. Even if the user spends the night outdoors, he can check the situation of the door at home and provide remote video intercom.

Smart cat eyes play a key role in home security. As smart home systems are now gradually applied to various home scenarios, the interconnected experience provided is also a feature that users pay close attention to.

In addition to its powerful functions, many manufacturers have also developed stable and efficient connection effects, such as smart door locks, smart door intercoms, home display terminals and other products.

The connected smart cat eye can record the flow of people entering and leaving the user's door with the fingerprint lock, and present it to each user through the mobile phone APP, making it clear at a glance. In addition to fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking, the fingerprint lock adds a mobile phone unlocking method to make the door smarter and safer. These products can not only form a set of anti-theft system, but also protect each family together through the animal industry joint company or the community safety management platform.

Conclusion: With the rapid development of battery technology, sensors and cloud data platforms, a new type of home anti-theft alarm system formed by the connection and intercommunication between smart peepers, door locks and walkie-talkies will be the development trend of smart home anti-theft alarms. theft.

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