What is the most direct difference between smart cat eyes and traditional electronic cat eyes?

2021-06-16 15:14:38 danmini01 2

We are not unfamiliar with the concept of traditional electronic cat eyes. Concerning the continuous upgrading of basic requirements for own safety and home security, smart home products have entered a period of rapid development, especially in the field of home security, from the earliest electronic peephole, which can be regarded as an intercom doorbell, to the current era of smart peephole.


So, what is the difference between a smart cat’s eye and an electronic cat’s eye?

In fact, the most direct difference between traditional electronic cat eyes and smart cat eyes is whether they can connect to the Internet without interruption within 24 hours. The basic functions of traditional electronic cat eyes maximize the safety of our community residents, and of course there are many disadvantages. Since traditional electronic peephole devices are not connected to the network, a series of functional operations can only be performed when residents are at home. The family has no name.

The emergence of the all-smart cat's eye has made this shortcoming subversively changed. By connecting to the Internet, Smart Maoyan can perform remote video and voice intercom through the mobile phone APP. Even if the resident is not at home and the guest is visiting, the identity of the visitor can be confirmed. All of them are a series of convenience and security brought about by networking.

The smart cat's eye can realize remote control after networking. In the case of overtime, does the family we care about go home safely? We are on a business trip, worried about being targeted? Some strangers always haunt the door of their homes. Is it an uninvited guest or a courier? brothers?

The all-smart cat eye can transmit the situation to your mobile phone in the form of video or picture through face recognition, and you can understand the dynamics of the door as soon as you open the APP. The above remote control function cannot be realized by traditional electronic spyware.

For users, another important difference between smart cat eyes and traditional electronic cat eyes is whether there is an alarm system.

The smart cat's eye has an alarm function. Once the built-in human sensor detects a suspicious person staying outside the door, it will immediately send the photo or video to the head of the household’s mobile phone, and it can also issue a deterrent voice alarm to prevent wandering outside the door. Suspicious personnel.

The appearance of smart cat eyes is self-evident for changing lives. Today, with the rapid development of electronic smart technology, smart cat eyes have brought more smart home concepts and technological means to our lives.

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