Foreign trade clerk

2021-04-15 Shenzhen 2 8999

1. Job responsibilities:

1. Develop the foreign trade department, expand overseas markets, develop and maintain customers, and make orders;

2. Provide professional services to customers; follow up orders, and prepare documents required for delivery and foreign trade;

3. Pay attention to market changes and provide timely and accurate feedback on customer requirements and market and industry information.

4. Familiar with the operation of Alibaba platform, responsible for the maintenance of the foreign trade sales platform (store product upload and maintenance, keyword promotion, etc.)

2. Qualifications:

1. Those who have the courage and ambition to hit a monthly salary of over ten thousand:

2. College degree or above, more than 1 year of foreign trade work experience, familiar with foreign trade process; (those who have no relevant experience, welcome to challenge)

3. CET-4 and above, with excellent listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

4. Proficiency in using various office software such as OFFICE;

5. Practical and conscientious work, strong sense of responsibility, proactive, and strong team spirit

3. Benefits

1. Basic salary + commission + bonus, there are also performance weekly awards, monthly awards, team awards, and year-end awards; there is no ceiling on sales income, and the annual salary of excellent people can reach 200,000-300,000

2. The company implements weekly breaks and an 8-hour system

3. Every year, employees gather in and out of the province to travel, dinners, birthday parties, etc.

4. Enjoy statutory holidays, maternity leave, marriage leave and other holidays stipulated by the state

5. Pay social security, provident fund and commercial insurance for employees; give out gifts on birthdays and traditional holidays

6. The company has business elites with very strong business capabilities, which can help and urge you to keep an eye on market trends and help you grow rapidly.

Company Address: 7th Floor, Building B, Banwei Industrial Park, No. 2, Yongxiang Road, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen (Metro route: Exit B of Bantian Station, Huanzhong Line; Bus stop: Zhujiang Xujing Jiayuan)

Contact: Miss Xie

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