Danmini brand, the top three in the smart cat eye industry, 12 years of ingenuity production and manufacturing, covering smart cat eyes, smart cat eyes, WIFI cat eyes, visual cat eyes, Internet of things cat eyes, motion detection cat eyes, etc., smart home security products, for door factories , Lock factories, hotels, public rental housing, etc. to provide customization and docking services

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According to the needs of the door factory, customized products of different forms, namely "networking, motion detection, hidden, etc." There are many advanced anti-theft doors equipped with Danmini products with WIFI, which improves the sense of science and technology, and the zinc alloy cat head perfectly avoids Anti-pry, anti-cat eye opening, Danmini products have already become the first choice of most door factories and the masses of residents!The reason why many smart lock factories choose Danmini products is that the "433 module" developed by Danmini in 12 years not only eliminates the high module cost, but also uses the "433 module" and Danmini smart WIFI cat eye The interconnection has been achieved and the remote unlocking has been realized, which not only improves the quality, but also has a high cost performance. It is also deeply loved and trusted by the broad masses of people.
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The application mall software "YBELL" and "Tuya" and other APWIFI connections can achieve the Internet of Things with the home using the same module software in the family, that is, the "Internet of Everything", which promotes the cooperation and development of the smart home industry!Door factories, lock factories, smart homes, real estate and other companies sell Danmini products as a complete set of products to realize the technological strength of "security cover in the cover", making the public trustworthy and maintaining a stable market position. There are also many young talents who use Danmini products to show love to their elders~

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