The brain is wide open, the use of smart cat eyes, have you got it?

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Smart Cat Eye is a smart home security product that protects millions of homes. It is very versatile, safe and practical. Smart cat eyes are divided into WIFI cat eyes, doorbell cat eyes, motion detection cat eyes, and Internet of Things cat eyes, such as Danmini Technology's motion detection cat eyes.
Smart cat eye . The brain is wide open, the use of smart cat eyes, have you got it?
It has a 4.5-inch 720P resolution 960X540 high-definition motion detection camera video smart cat eye, 166-degree ultra-wide-angle, TR-CUT comes with the lens to correct color cast during the day, improve night brightness, remote video intercom, real-time alarm, all metal Zinc alloy cat head and indoor unit security anti-theft and anti-theft, PTR motion detection automatic capture video, 4 infrared night vision lights super night vision, 3600mah high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery power supply, multi-user management support to guard the family together.
Why choose danny technology smart cat eyes, the use of smart cat eyes
1. The traditional optical cat's eye can be easily pried open. After prying open, the thief can use the cat's eye to open the door by turning the indoor door handle with a tool. Smart cat eyes are made of zinc alloy, which is safe and anti-prying. Cat eyes no longer need to be a "theft channel".
2. When going out, when a stranger appears in front of the house, the motion detection of smart cat's eyes will push messages through the mobile phone APP to achieve remote monitoring and prevent illegal elements from stepping on the door.
3. The neighbourhood guards are negligent, and small advertisements are often posted on the doors. With smart cat eyes, you can post them as you like. If you catch them, clean them up for me. Or use mobile phone to talk in real time to prevent this behavior in time.
4. Express delivery to the door, no one at home, you can call him in real time at the door or in the community security room.
5. Be careful with ears in the partition wall, and the smart cat eyes of Danmini Technology prevent eavesdropping. Intelligent cat eyes can not only clearly see the situation at the door, but also give a reminder when someone approaches.
6. The doorbell sound is too low to hear, and it is too loud and afraid to affect your rest. Smart cat's eye can be set in three modes, home mode, away from home mode, and do not disturb mode. Anyone who visits with the mobile phone will not miss it, and the rest time will avoid unnecessary interference.
7. Husband and wife quarrel is just that moment of anger, even if you are kicked out of the door, the wife calmly opened the cat's eyes to see that you are still outside the door, look aggrieved and look distressed and will make you go home.
8. The intelligent cat's eye ultra-wide-angle lens allows criminals outside the door to hide, and the illegal motive can be seen at a glance.
9. Buy it home and install it and try to speak the voice intercom function outside the door. It ’s very interesting. The neighbors all know it and installed a wave of force. Let those neighbors who have “ideas” completely dispel their thoughts.
10. Smart cat's eye can take pictures and videos. If it is placed in the car, it will not become a driving recorder. If someone approaches, it will automatically alarm. After leaving the car, any movement of the car will be pushed to the owner's mobile phone.
11. An intelligent cat's eye is installed in the unit building, which is more effective than monitoring. Pushing by unknown face mobile phone, it is more effective to take precautions in advance.
12. "Little rabbit obediently, open the door" When the child is alone at home, he is afraid to open the door to a stranger. With the large screen of smart cat eyes, the child can see clearly whether it is father or mother outside.
13. The traditional luminous cat eyes of girls' dormitories have hidden dangers of being peeped. The perverts will use the endoscope to peep indoor conditions. With smart cat eyes installed, you can't peep at all. If you stay for a while, you will get an alarm.
14. The teacher installs a smart cat's eye. The teacher does not have to lie behind the door and observe the movement of the teacher through the door gap.
15. The company installs smart cat eyes, which can replace the punch card machine, which has both face recognition and face recognition functions, and records in real time. The company often encounters some bold and direct sales promotion like MLM. Marketing employees work and install smart cat eyes. Outsiders do not open the door and immediately issue a warning to avoid sales personnel.
16. Smart cat eyes are placed in the living room or bedroom, real-time monitoring records whether the child is obedient at home. Improve children's self-discipline.
17. The fitting room in the mall occasionally encounters people with poor quality, and will look for some corners to peep. Install a smart cat's eye, you can hold on to this trend, and there is enough evidence to allow the suspect to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
18. In the chicken-eating game, use the smart cat's eye of Danmini, pay attention to the movement outside the door, and never worry about searching for equipment in the room.
19. The smart cat eye of Danmini Technology is much better than the "real eye" in the League of Legends. The big dragon and the small dragon are installed in one of the pools, which can avoid the hidden dangers of the opposite jungle and catch the safety of the dragon for 24 hours Stolen by the enemy.
20. There were many concubines in the ancient palace. Various intrigues and smart cat eyes were installed. The royal family can check the condition of the harem at any time to ensure the safety of the harem.
21. Ye Men installed a smart cat's eye, no need to beat the drums hard to make a grievance, speak the grievance directly to the camera, but also record it as a testimony.
22. With intelligent cat eyes, Empress Dowager Cixi does not need to listen to politics, she can know the world through intelligent cat eyes. Yu Zecheng has smart cat eyes in his house. Every day when he goes out, he doesn't need to sprinkle incense burner ash at the door. Someone can know it when he comes in.
23. When Sun Wukong went to Huazhai, draw a circle for the master and install a smart cat's eye. The master is in danger, and he will come back to protect the master's safety.
24. The Leiyin Temple of the Buddha was equipped with intelligent cat eyes, and the overhaul of the scorpion was discovered, thus avoiding this calamity.
Smart cat eye . The brain is wide open, the use of smart cat eyes, have you got it?
The features of Damien Smart Cat Eye are not nonsense, because he does have such practical functions, and there are more features waiting for you to unlock. The most core function is the human body detection function. It is simply the "gate god" of the new century, and the "watchdog" in the mouth of netizens is like a security guard standing at the door of the house 24 hours a day. No matter the day or night, as long as a little wind and grass are recorded and reported directly to the owner. With a big brain open, in what scenarios can Danmini's Smart Cat Eye play its best?

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