The "boyfriend" of a girl who lives alone-Smart Cat Eye

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In five years, my status in this city also changed from a student to a professional. I used to yearn for an independent life and longed for my work. But reality tells me how cruel life is. After graduating more than a year, maybe I didn't work hard enough, maybe it was the wrong direction, maybe the time was not up. In short, I still have nothing. No savings, no sense of security, no boyfriend, even the house was rented.
Smart cat eyes, electronic cat . The "boyfriend" of a girl who lives alone-Smart Cat Eye
Occasionally after work, the city's streets, shopping malls, and office buildings are already lit with brilliant lights, and it is inevitable that there is a bitter taste in the heart-this city is very lively, and there are no lights on for me. At this moment, I feel extremely lonely.
Even so, I still have hope for life, because even though the house is rented, life is not. Even though I have n’t made a lot of money now, I am self-sufficient, eat and drink, and do n’t need to be attached to anyone; even if I do n’t meet my ideal partner for the time being, the smart cat eyes of Danmini Technology always bring me the same Peace of mind and protection.
I often see perverted followers on mobile phones, sneaking into girls' residences, waiting at the squatting spot, or sending out brothers to take notice temporarily, and the news of crimes when entering the room will always cause anxiety. In addition to living alone, it is inevitable to worry about their own safety. Therefore, at the consent of the landlord, I replaced the traditional cat's eye on the door with a smart cat's eye by Danmini to enhance the security of living alone.
Smart cat eyes, electronic cat . The "boyfriend" of a girl who lives alone-Smart Cat Eye
It uses a motion detection system, a large wide-angle HD camera and a 4.3-inch large screen, which can clearly present the scene outside the door. And it has an automatic camera function, every face of passing passengers can be easily recorded, even at night, every minute movement can be captured by infrared. Whether you are at home or not, you can be a guardian at home for 24 hours to protect your personal and property safety.
Daniel Smart Cat Eye also supports WiFi connection, and comes with a built-in doorbell, which can be used for voice intercom and video calls with the outdoors at any time, helping you easily cope with various situations. Ever since I installed Smart Cat Eyes from Danmini, I no longer have to worry about who is knocking outside the door or worry about thinking before and after opening the door. The sense of security and happiness has skyrocketed.
Smart cat eyes, electronic cat . The "boyfriend" of a girl who lives alone-Smart Cat Eye
The most important thing is that the smart cat eye of Danmini Technology is powerful, but the price is very high, and the price is very affordable. Not all products labeled "smart" are prohibitively expensive, and any average office worker can afford them.
Such good things at home, like girls who live alone, should really be available to everyone. No one feels safe to come, and he is the most powerful one to rely on.

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