Teach you how to choose an electronic cat eye that suits you?

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With everyone's increasing attention to home safety, a small cat's eye is installed on the anti-theft door of each household to facilitate observation of the situation outside the door at any time. However, cat eyes originally intended for safe installation may also have hidden dangers.
Recently, Miss Liu, a white-collar worker living alone in Hangzhou, found that the cat's eyes on the security door were missing! After the police involved in the investigation, it was found that a strange man sneaked into the community at about 2 am one day, wandering around the door of Miss Liu's house, confirming that no one was around, an unexpected scene happened. The man skillfully took out the tools from his carry bag and easily removed the cat's eyes from Miss Liu's door. The whole process took less than a minute! After seeing the man remove the cat's eyes, his eyes clung to the hole and peeked into the room. Ten minutes later, he left reluctantly.
Someone opened your cat's eyes in the middle of the night, and you didn't even notice it. The scariest thing is that the person is still peeping at your every move! It's scary to think about it! It is understood that cat-eye voyeurs have appeared on the market. Even if cat-eyes are not removed, criminals can see the situation indoors from outside the door.
How to avoid this situation? You may have thought that you could install an electronic cat eye instead of a traditional cat eye. Yes, electronic cat eyes overcome the inconvenience of using traditional cat eyes. You only need to access the wireless network to remotely view the house anytime, anywhere. When a visitor rings the doorbell, the mobile app through the electronic matching will automatically push the message, and the real-time video conversation with the visitor can be achieved by opening the APP.
But in the face of dazzling products on the market, how to choose an electronic cat eye that suits you?
After thousands of consumers use the experience, we sincerely recommend a new generation of anti-theft artifact-smart cat eyes.
Anyone who knows the smart home brand must be no stranger to Yuyuan Smart Cat Eye! Yuyuan Technology mainly provides users with smart home solutions based on the combination of mobile Internet, Internet of Things, security technology and modern home life. Through high-quality products and services, we will create a more comfortable, safer and smarter new lifestyle for users.
Yuyuan Technology has ingeniously developed and manufactured smart cat eyes for 12 years.In addition to fully meeting the needs of owners, it also set the benchmark for the smart cat eye industry with the top three prestige of the smart cat eye industry brand, and let you control the safety of your home with one hand, completely solving the problem. The hidden dangers of traditional optical cat eyes, keep the danger out! Weaved a home safety net for thousands of families.
What are the advantages of Yuyuan Intelligent Cat Eye?
1. Large HD display, user-friendly viewing experience
Traditional optical cat eyes have high heights and high eyesight, children are not tall enough to reach them, old people have no eyesight to see who is visiting, and there is a particularly large number of blind door opening dangers.
The 4.3-inch IPS high-definition large screen of Yuyuan Technology's intelligent cat's eye can improve the family's accurate judgment of the good and evil of the visitor. The 170-degree multi-directional high-definition ultra-wide-angle camera allows hidden dangers outside the door to be viewed at different heights and angles. Check whether the door is a security risk, and then choose whether to open the door. A more humane viewing experience.
Smart cat eyes, electronic cat . Teach you how to choose an electronic cat eye that suits you?
2. Mobile app video intercom, control the situation outside the door anytime, anywhere
Express delivery, friends and relatives visiting, children coming home safely from school ... The home situation is informed at any time by video. If the visitor rang the doorbell when going out, the smart cat's eye will automatically push a message through the mobile APP. Open the mobile software to communicate with the visitor Realize real-time video conversations and truly realize the information of visitors. Intelligent cat eyes are equipped with 4 night vision lights with super night vision function, which can check the situation outside the door 24 hours anytime and anywhere through the mobile APP, so that you have enough peace of mind.
3. Intelligent alarm, keep away from all dangers
There are suspicious people staying outside the door for longer than the time set by the owner, they can sense the people, quickly and automatically take pictures and videos, and push "You have an infrared alarm message" through the mobile phone APP. You can check the situation outside the door by opening the APP. It helps to find suspicious people outside the door at any time; when encountering abnormal conditions, you can contact the community property and the police with one-click alarm.
Smart cat eyes, electronic cat . Teach you how to choose an electronic cat eye that suits you?

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