Demystify the thief's "step on the point" means, quickly see if there is at your door,

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In this heyday, thieves are still wanting, and many thieves are "rushing for sales." If there is a small advertisement posted on your door, it is likely that the thief stepped on the spot. These thieves are inter-provincial operations, using technology to unlock locks and commit crimes.
Smart cat eye . Demystify the thief
Burglary cases occur frequently throughout the country. Recently, the police arrested five people who were suspected of home theft in this city. More than 30 cases were cracked, involving a total amount of up to 1.3 million yuan, and a number of technical unlocking tools. The above cases sounded the alarm for home safety. It is understood that when the thief stepped on the point, he put a small advertisement on the cross lock. If he didn't move, there was no one at home. In addition, they will put powder on the door handle to determine whether there are people in the family and so on. Many people must pay attention to the special traces and remove them in time to not leave the thief with a chance to commit crimes.
[The thief "steps on the point" means, the secret is revealed]
The police handling the case told the reporter that the small advertisements on the door of the household is one of the means for the thief to step on the point, so if there is anyone in the household, if the small advertisement does not move, it means that there is no one in the family, and then the burglary occurs, so everyone appears on the door. Small ads, remember to clean up. In many cases, in addition to the small advertising step, the thief will power off or pull off the power, and go downstairs to pick up the courier, take meals, etc., while the residents are waiting for the opportunity to enter the room and theft. So remind everyone that personal information such as courier must be destroyed. Thieves usually knock on the door, ring the doorbell, and call to check the truth, and steal if there is no one in the room. Thief stepping points are usually marked with the following symbols.
1. "+-": there are people during the day, no one at night, "-+": there are people at night, no one during the day;
2. "⊙": stands for single or tenant;
3. "...": indicates the number of family members. (How many individuals are "dots");
4. "√": indicates that it has been entered.
5. "☆": indicates that this place is the target.
6. "×": indicates that this place is not a target and is temporarily safe.
7. "○": indicates the family's affluence (indicates the degree of affluence, and a circle with a × indicates no money).
8. "△": The number of households in a certain time is represented by the number of △.
Smart cat eye . Demystify the thief
These thieves are basically committed by gangs with a clear division of labor. In the early stage, there is a person responsible for stepping on the point. These marks will be left when stepping on the point for reference. These passwords are equivalent to the "cipher" between thieves. (Reminder: each gang has its own set of "passwords", these "passwords" are not necessarily universal, but most of the entire building is marked, so be careful of burglary and take extra precautions!)
[Common ways of thieves]
The thief first pretends to be a “passerby” near the gate of the community and observes whether the access control of the community is easy to mix in. The second step is to choose which house to enter. Depending on the risk, it usually chooses to be located on the top floor, or away from the elevator or the floor The house at the crossing should be avoided. The third step is temptation. It will pretend to find a friend and knock on the door deliberately.
The fourth step is unlocking. Since 80% of the communities currently use Class A locks with poor anti-theft performance, thieves can use simple unlocking tools to open the door in two or three seconds. Seized the working rules of "9 to 5" for office workers to commit crimes in a timely manner. Choose areas that are easy to get started with.
Smart cat eye . Demystify the thief
Bungalows and deep alleys are preferred. Use sliding doors, drill windows, roll-up windows, climbing gas pipes, downpipes, air conditioners or hanging ropes to enter residents' homes. In most cases, when entering the house, the thief will go to the kitchen to find a kitchen knife and take it with him for insurance purposes to prevent the residents from waking up and resisting.
The door and window need special attention. The thief will break the screen window and use a pole to unlock the door lock. House burglary cases in buildings generally occur to residents below the fifth floor, especially on the second floor. When committing the crime, the main purpose is to observe whether the residents' lights are on to determine whether there is anyone in the house, and then wait for the opportunity to climb into the room from the balcony, window, patio fence, etc. to commit theft.
Smart cat eye . Demystify the thief
 [How to prevent thieves from stepping on]
When everyone goes out, the doors and windows must be closed and locked to prevent theft effectively. Preventing thieves from stepping on points is the first step in preventing thieves from committing burglary. Pay attention to suspicious symbols at the doorstep of the house, and clear them as soon as they are found. Cases of burglary through symbols are common. Clean up the small ads on the door in time. After a long period of time, the small ads are still on the door. It is determined that there is no one in the home, and the thief usually starts.
Smart cat eye . Demystify the thief
Many thieves now test whether someone is at home by using small advertisements. If the small ad on the door is still there at night, the thief usually starts. Buy a security door with a high level of security. Check the permanently fixed security level on the side of the hinge inside the door. The "A" and "B" security doors are the best. Choose a more secure "B-lock" lock or smart door lock. A-class common "F" and "Cross" locks can be opened by the thief within 5 seconds.
[The most effective anti-theft device-Danmini Technology Electronic Cat Eye]
Some netizens said: "It is not necessary to buy anti-theft doors and smart door locks. The electronic cat eyes of Danmini Technology must be there." This sentence is true, no matter what kind of door you are, as long as it is equipped with "remote real-time monitoring" and "PIR motion detection automatic alarm push", you can have security protection, remote control, remote alarm. There are suspicious people staying outside the door for longer than the time set by the owner, they can sense the people, automatically take pictures and videos, and push "You have an infrared alarm message" through the mobile phone APP. You can check the situation outside the door by opening the app.
Smart cat eye . Demystify the thief
Super night vision is displayed on the indoor unit screen of the 4.3-inch large-screen display. No matter day or night, you can see the security risks outside the door at a glance, and you can see who is outside your house 24 hours on your mobile phone. Not only that, the head of the smart cat's eye is a zinc alloy explosion-proof anti-prying material, which perfectly solves the thief's disassembly of the traditional smart cat's eye, turning the indoor door handle through the cat's eye hole, security risks of burglary, and anti-peeping function to prevent the thief from stepping on the point.
Smart cat eye . Demystify the thief
And multi-user management function, one smart cat's eye can simultaneously push messages to 5 family members' mobile phones, which is convenient for family members to view, and the family protected together must be very warm. With these functions, you can take your home with you 24 hours a day and see the situation outside the door at any time. You can see the hidden dangers outside the door at a glance.
Smart cat eye . Demystify the thief
Danmini Technology has ingeniously developed and manufactured smart cat eyes for 12 years.In addition to fully meeting the needs of owners, it has set the benchmark for the smart cat eye industry with the top three prestige of the smart cat eye industry brand, and also allows you to control the safety of your home with one hand Keep out! Weaved a home safety net for thousands of families.

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