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Traditional optical cat eyes have been regarded as an important tool for home security, judging the identity of visitors and hidden dangers by observing the situation outside the door indoors. Although it brings us a lot of security, the disadvantages of traditional optical cat eyes are also obvious, and once brought a sense of essential security.
Smart Cat Eye, Electronic Cat . Danmini
But the disadvantages of traditional cat eyes are also obvious. Because the traditional optical cat's eyes can make you unable to see the outdoor situation in the dark and dark night, when you observe, because the viewing angle is not wide enough, you don't know the hidden safety hazards outside the door, and the most terrifying thing is that it is likely to be a "helper" for thieves— -The best way to open the security door.
Thief "key to open the door"-traditional optical cat eyes
Although most residents' awareness of family safety precautions is increasing, it is easy to ignore some details, such as inserting the key in the indoor keyhole when at home, unlocking the key when going out, installing a cat-eye anti-theft device, or installing cat-only eyes. Because in recent years, by opening the cat's eye and using a crime tool through the cat's eye hole to turn the door handle of the room to open the door, there are endless burglaries.
Smart Cat Eye, Electronic Cat . Danmini
Many people don't think that this tradition can only cat eyes but leave a "key to open the door" for the thief, so that the thief can easily enter his door. In fact, the cat's head part of the traditional optical cat's eye is often the weakest part, and even an adult can pry it open with bare hands within two minutes, thinking about it for fear.
Smart Cat Eye, Electronic Cat . Danmini
With the development of the home security market, the demand for home security by the broad masses of people continues to rise. More and more owners hope that even when they are not at home and in the dark night, cat eyes can play a role in checking the situation outside the door at any time. Children know that thieves like to steal things at night, so the rate of committing crimes at night is several times higher than during the day. However, many people suffer from traditional optical cat eyes, and no matter how thick or good the security door is, they will be stolen.
Danmini Technology's smart cat's eye proposes a solution
According to these security needs, Yuyuan Technology has defended millions of households with home security products. It has ingeniously developed and manufactured smart cat eyes for 12 years. In addition to fully meeting the needs of owners, it also established the top three brands of smart cat eyes for the smart cat eye industry. Benchmarking. Yuyuan Technology's smart cat eyes are equipped with four infrared night vision lights, super night vision, 170-degree ultra-wide-angle, zinc alloy explosion-proof cat eyes, anti-theft and anti-prying, which can be seen at night, and can be used by elderly and children.
Smart Cat Eye, Electronic Cat . Danmini
Danmini Technology's Intelligent Cat Eyes
One night in March of this year, the dark night wind was a good time to commit the crime, and a suspected theft stepped up in a community in Xiamen. One or two people "winded" in the corridor, and one of them used the anti-cat's eye observation mirror tool to look inside the room. After confirming that there is no one in the room, remove the traditional optical cat's eye on the security door, use a special crime tool through the cat's eye hole, and turn the indoor door handle to open the room door.
The gang's behavior was captured by Mr. Zhang, the owner of the smart cat eye installed next door, and the community property was notified to rush to the scene for inspection. At the time, Mr. Zhang, the owner, received a notification from a stranger of the "Yuyuan Technology Smart APP" on his mobile phone during his working hours. He saw through the app that a group was prying at the cat's eyes next door. Because Mr. Zhang installed Yuyuan Intelligent Cat's Eyes, although the outside is dim, it was also clearly saved by Yuyuan Intelligent Cat's "Super Night Vision" and "Motion Detection" functions.
Smart Cat Eye, Electronic Cat . Danmini
The criminal evidence was sufficient. One-click alarm on the mobile phone was submitted to the community property to inform the property to stop it in time. Measures were taken against the gang. Subsequently, the entire community was equipped with Yuyuan Intelligent Cat Eye, and the security patrol and security precautions of the community were strengthened. Since then, the theft has never occurred in this neighborhood.
If the above-mentioned crime happened only by coincidence, then a young lady exposed the function of Yuyuan Technology's smart cat eyes in the circle of friends, which saved her from a fright and felt solid and comforting in her heart. The netizen said: "It was already night and I suddenly heard someone knocking on the door. At that time, I thought that I had no delivery and no take-out, and I was very confused. I almost opened the door.
Fortunately, the super night vision, 160-degree ultra-wide-angle, 4.3-inch IPS high-definition display screen of Yuyuan Technology's intelligent cat's eye room showed that another man was hidden beside the knocking man. Fortunately, he didn't open the door randomly. Otherwise, unwanted consequences may occur. These people then went to knock on the door elsewhere. The lady kept the video, submitted it to the community property and called the police.
Smart Cat Eye, Electronic Cat . Danmini
Later, I thought I must think that my home is still the traditional cat's eye. I can't see clearly on this dim night, there is no call function, I can only open the door and talk with the key. If it does open, it won't close! It may also be the time when the owner is at home, or the woman who is following her, who wants to determine her place of residence, or the kind of extremely horrible bad person who has revenge on the society and chooses women to start with, she feels creepy. Fortunately, Yuyuan Technology's smart cat eyes were installed in his own house, which prevented it from happening.
Danmini's smart cat eye weaves a protective net for the home
Yuyuan's smart cat eye has not only helped these two communities avoid large-scale theft cases. Many of Yuyuan's intelligent cat's "PIR motion detection" functions and "Super Night Vision" function, 170-degree ultra-wide angle greatly expands the viewing range, and every corner outside the door has a panoramic view. On the night when the theft rate was the highest, the successful capture and audio recording became an important clue for the police to solve the case. Several thieves were arrested as a result. These three functions satisfy the owner's ability for clarity, visibility, and night vision, and can help people restore the scene outside the door to the greatest extent, and the use experience has been greatly improved.
Smart Cat Eye, Electronic Cat . Danmini
Compared with the traditional optical cat eye, Yuyuan Intelligent Cat Eye truly started from the needs of users and adopted a number of technical methods to solve many "pain points". It is no wonder that the product has been welcomed by the masses of people. From this point, it can be seen that Yuyuan Technology ingeniously develops high-quality intelligent security products-smart cat eyes, weaving a family safety protection net for thousands of households.

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