Danmini Smart Cat Eye is your best choice

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Yuyuan Intelligent Cat Eye escorts you, the first step into the smart home
With the development of smart homes, many families are considering purchasing some smart home equipment for their homes when designing and decorating. At present, there are many products included in smart homes, such as smart lighting systems, smart home appliance control systems, smart sleep systems, background music systems, and home theater systems. However, due to compatibility and stability issues, many smart home devices on the market are not yet "smart", and installation and use are cumbersome.
Smart cat eye . Danmini Smart Cat Eye is your best choice
It is recommended to install a smart cat eye first, to take the first step into the smart home
Smart cat eyes, also known as electronic cat eyes, are installed on home security doors, replacing the traditional cat eyes. Smart cat eyes, as the name suggests, are very different from our ordinary cat eyes. Smart cat eyes can connect to the Internet, open the boundaries of mobile phones, cat eyes, users, and remotely monitor the situation at the doorstep, including visitors, even thieves. Users have security at their doorsteps anytime, anywhere.
Yuyuan Smart Cat Eye is your only choice
The installation of Yuyuan Technology's smart cat's eye is very simple. You just need to remove the ordinary cat's eye, install the smart cat's eyepiece into the original ordinary cat's eyelet, and then connect the guide cat's eyepiece to the host and plug it in. used.
Shenzhen Yuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in low-power audio and video product technology and mobile Internet of Things technology. It has 12 years of research and development of ingenious intelligent cat eyes. Covering products such as IoT cat eyes, smart doorbells, IoT door locks, and intelligent video surveillance, involving smart home, IoT, hotel apartment face collection and occupancy systems, public security face capture comparison systems, smart pensions, and smart communities. Industry control system.

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