What is the function of Danmini Smart Cat Eye?

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Many people now care more about home security, and smart cameras and smart door locks are good choices. However, these two kinds of increasingly popular intelligent hardware have a common weakness: the former can only monitor the indoor conditions, and the latter can only notify the owner after unlocking, but cannot prevent the situation before it happens. Yuyuan's smart cat eye can help you get the most out of your home. When the host leaves the house, it can record who knocked on your door and push it to your mobile phone. From the outside, there is no difference from ordinary cat eyes. As long as you have cat eyes on your door, you can install it.
Yuyuan Technology's smart cat's eye has a built-in camera, a motion detection sensor, a battery and a Wifi chip. It connects to the Wifi in your home, and when someone knocks on the door, the sensor wakes it up. Then it will automatically record short videos or take photos, and send the videos or photos to the cloud server, and automatically push a notification to your mobile phone. At this time, as long as you open the APP application on your phone, you can see the situation at your doorstep.

Smart cat eye,smart door viewe . What is the function of Danmini Smart Cat Eye?

What is the function of Yuyuan Intelligent Cat Eye?
Just like there will be a call log after calling you, it can record who passed by your door. For renters, it is also a simple and portable solution.
Yuyuan Intelligent Cat Eye can help you find salesmen, repairmen, thieves who draw circles around the door, and visiting friends. If you are an online shopping family, then it can also help you tell the courier to put things in the right place at the door.
The products of Shenzhen Yuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. mainly involve smart home products such as WIFI video doorbells, wireless smart switches, wireless anti-theft alarms, and wireless smart cat eyes based on mobile Internet of Things technology. The product has passed the certification of FCC, CE and Rosh. Production capacity of 500,000 sets; with strong production capacity, core technology and standardized services, has won the unanimous recognition of customers at home and abroad!

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