Three smart home products in 2019 are highly sought after

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With the advent of the Internet of Things era, decoration companies, building materials, real estate and other industries have entered the smart home market. For example, the current "smart decoration", "smart home improvement", "smart furniture" and other industry terms have entered people's lives. Therefore, the space for smart home development in the future market is inestimable, but how should we grasp this market?
We all know that the current smart home systems mainly include smart lighting, electric curtains, security alarms, home audio and video entertainment, video surveillance, home appliances, indoor air, forest garden irrigation and other control systems.
Smart Cat Eye, Smart Home, Sma . Three smart home products in 2019 are highly sought after
I. Smart Home Market:
Intelligent lighting can realize various scene control through the intelligent scene switch. Just press a button, the light switch and brightness value are adjusted to the appropriate state in an instant, so as to achieve the perfect combination of lighting scene and site needs. The security alarm can realize that when there is an illegal intruder or a gas leak in the home, the system will automatically make a call, send a text message or capture a picture to the designated user's mobile phone and property center. The user views the monitoring screen at home through the mobile phone.
Air-conditioning and floor heating control Open, close, and regulate temperature of indoor VRV air-conditioning and water circulation floor heating through intelligent control system. The temperature sensor and air quality detector (such as CO2 concentration, PM2.5 content, etc.) can automatically turn on the air conditioning and fresh air haze removal system. At the same time, the video intercom terminal can display indoor temperature and air quality values.
Of course, the realization of these functions can also be controlled at any time and anywhere. When we are sitting on the sofa in the living room, we can open / close the curtains and switch the scene at will through the APP in the mobile phone. On the way home, you can use the 3G or 4G network to turn on the heating or air conditioning in the room. The temperature of the room after you get home is more appropriate.
Smart Cat Eye, Smart Home, Sma . Three smart home products in 2019 are highly sought after
2.VR and AR markets
Market research company Niko Partners predicts that by the end of this year, China's virtual reality hardware market will reach $ 400 million, and VR equipment will become the market leader. In China alone, nearly 200 companies have entered the VR and AR (augmented reality) industry, which has contributed to the rise in VR hardware sales. The company's survey showed that nearly half of gamers in China are interested in VR, and 30% of them expressed willingness to buy VR hardware for up to $ 200.
For a variety of reasons, VR hardware for mobile devices is more popular than high-end PC or console VR hardware. For consumers, high-end PC-side VR hardware is too expensive, like the HTC Vive, which sells for $ 1,000 in China. VR hardware for mobile devices is more preferable, it is cheaper, and it can be bought online or offline retail stores at any time.
Smart Cat Eye, Smart Home, Sma . Three smart home products in 2019 are highly sought after
3. Intelligent security market:
As a smart home entrance product, smart cameras and smart cat eyes have experienced explosive growth since 2015 after market popularization in the past few years! Necessary and just needed: Public awareness of home security is improved, real-time control of home dynamics, smart cameras, smart cat eyes are needed for every home. Realize remote housekeeping, "motion detection alarm", "remote real-time monitoring", "one-button alarm" and other functions. It integrates cat's eye and doorbell, which solves the hidden dangers of traditional cat's eye.
Smart Cat Eye, Smart Home, Sma . Three smart home products in 2019 are highly sought after
Unlimited space:
The penetration rate of smart cameras and smart cat eyes is less than 10%, which is a huge gap from the high penetration rate in developed guo home areas. High-speed growth: Smart cameras and smart cat eyes have gradually entered an outbreak period. According to relevant statistics, the compound growth rate in recent years is> 30%. High returns: Compared with traditional home furnishings, ordinary cameras and cat-eye brands, Yuyuan Technology's smart cat eye hair has higher profit margins, which is very suitable for young people who want to start a business, as well as lock, door and hardware product dealers.

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