Danmini's Smart Cat Eye takes you easy to experience smart life

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Cat eyes can also be smart? Yes, everything can be smart now, including rice cookers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and even toilets, mops, and dustpans. Today, Shenzhen Yuyuan Technology Intelligent Cat Eye Supplier takes you to experience intelligent life easily.
The role of traditional cat eyes is: when someone knocks on the door, they can know who is outside the door before opening the door, so they decide not to open the door. Because the city apartment is closed, when someone knocks on the door, you don't know if the enemy who has chased you for 10 years outside, so it is very necessary to install a cat's eye on your door.
Compared with traditional cat eyes, smart cat eyes have added two key functions, one is networking, and the other is video surveillance, which can be understood as an upgraded version of electronic cat eyes (visual doorbell).
Yuyuan technology smart cat eyes take you to experience smart life easily
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Main usage scenarios:
① The child accidentally opens the door without knowing who it is, let the bad guy come in, and kidnap the child. With smart cat eyes, the child can see who is through the display to prevent accidentally opening the door.
② Courier, when delivering the express, hold down the smart cat's eyes, and then tell the express after the mobile phone prompts, "I'm not at home, please leave the express outside."
③ The thief penetrates the door through the traditional cat's eyes to open the door. The smart cat's eye anti-theft and anti-prying thieves cannot be removed, which can effectively avoid similar situations.
④ Monitor the alarm and give you a reminder when someone stays at your door.
An intelligent cat's eye gives a sense of security to the door! You can see the situation outside the house through the screen.
The products of Shenzhen Yuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. mainly involve smart home products such as WIFI video doorbells, wireless smart switches, wireless anti-theft alarms, and wireless smart cat eyes based on mobile Internet of Things technology. The product has passed the certification of FCC, CE and Rosh. Production capacity of 500,000 sets; with strong production capacity, core technology and standardized services, has won the unanimous recognition of customers at home and abroad!

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