Danmini's Smart Cat Eye plays a pivotal role in home security

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Consumers now pay more and more attention to home security, and there are various markets for security products on the market. In addition to common surveillance cameras, infrared alarms and other products, now driven by the wave of the Internet of Things, it has also spawned a new home security product-Shenzhen Yuyuan Intelligent Cat Eye.
Before introducing the details of smart cat eyes, let me talk about the security flaws of traditional cat eyes!
1. Optical imaging, small viewing angle, limited range, can only be seen close to the door
2. The image is distorted, the vision is blurred, I do n’t know the situation outside the door, I open the door blindly
3. The corridor cannot be used without lights at night, and no danger can be seen
4. Use "anti cat eyes" to see the room from the outside and peek into the privacy of users
5. Criminals found no one in the house, removed the cat's eye and unlocked the house
Shenzhen Yuyuan Intelligent Cat Eye plays a pivotal role in home security
The smart cat eye is generally composed of a zinc alloy cat head and a display screen. One inside and one outside is installed at the cat's eye position of the security door of your home, replacing the traditional unit door access control and virtual ordinary cat's eye. .
As a security line of defense for home security, Yuyuan Intelligent Cat Eye is one of the higher configuration products in this category. It can realize a series of remote visual intercom, mobile detection, stay alarm and snapshot, infrared night vision, etc. Security functions.
With it, there is no need to stay close to the door and watch the situation outside the door.
Smart cat eye,smart door viewe . Danmini
The traditional cat's eye is relatively large, and the imaging is small and easy to distort. Yuyuan Technology's intelligent cat's eye has 2 million pixels and a 160 ° wide-angle field of view lens. The imaging is clear and there is almost no deformation. It takes into account the needs of the elderly and children at home.
With it, the darkness of the corridor at night can also be aware of the danger.
Yuyuan Technology's intelligent cat's eye has 4 built-in 850 nm LED infrared lights, which can clearly see the corridor at night, clearly show the visitor's appearance, and be at home alone. He won't be shocked when he hears the knock at the door in the middle of the night.
With it, you don't have to worry about theft when you go out.
The motion detection function is mainly for the anti-theft function of smart cat eyes, which is why many people choose smart cat eyes. This function means that as long as someone stays in front of the door for a certain period of time, Cat's Eye will warn those who stay, on the one hand, they will not use "anti-Cat's Eye" to peek at the user's privacy, remove Cat's Eye, and unlock the door.
Yuyuan Technology's smart cat's eye uses a large-capacity polymer lithium battery, which has a theoretical standby time of 90 days, and you don't need to worry about it running out of power for a long time. In addition, the battery has a detachable design and is equipped with a docking charger, so charging becomes easy and free.
With it, I feel the fun of smart home.
For those who need to go out often, if they can turn on the mobile phone at any time and check the situation in front of the house, there is no doubt a lot of peace of mind. Yuyuan Technology's smart cat eye, high-definition 2 million pixel display, the door situation at a glance, and night vision distance up to 6 meters, even if you spend the night outside, you can view the door situation, remote video intercom.
Smart cat eyes play a decisive role in home security. After reading so many powerful security functions of smart cat eyes, do you still think that smart cat eyes are useless for families?
Shenzhen Yuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in low-power audio and video product technology and mobile Internet of Things technology. It has 12 years of research and development of ingenious intelligent cat eyes. Covering products such as IoT cat eyes, smart doorbells, IoT door locks, and intelligent video surveillance, involving smart home, IoT, hotel apartment face collection and occupancy systems, public security face capture comparison systems, smart pensions, and smart communities. Industry control system.

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