Danmini Technology: Smart Home Changes Civil Security Market Structure

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At present, with the strong support of China's policies, projects such as safe cities and safe communities have been advanced throughout the country, and the concept of national security has basically been formed. Shenzhen Yuyuan editor together with you to understand the current market, smart home to change the civilian security market structure of some information.
Demand changes the market structure, and the rise of the civil security market is the increase in the security of users' own property and the surge in demand. Security vendors actively follow up to better benefit the people, starting from the actual needs of users and catering to the public. "Taste" requirements, based on the civilian security market, make smart home aspirations possible step by step. Smart home has always been a beautiful dream that people are pursuing, but now, the smart home industry is gradually taking shape and turning sharply. Although there is still a long road ahead of the smart home, the current situation shows that the development of the smart home is bound to be unstoppable.

Smart cat eye,smart door viewe . Danmini Technology: Smart Home Changes Civil Security Market Structure
Monitoring vendors release a large number of DIY monitoring systems
Due to the increasing use of monitoring systems in homes and small and medium-sized enterprises, monitoring vendors are gradually releasing a large number of DIY monitoring systems. Small and medium-sized users can choose different monitoring systems according to their needs. These optional "accessories" include display devices, storage, and more. But these do not affect the composition of the monitoring system.
Considering the particularity of the user population, many surveillance camera manufacturers have abandoned the complicated installation process and basically realized the plug-and-play function. Especially relying on the current network, it highlights the advantages of IP surveillance.
If you ask what is the more important part of a surveillance system? The answer is definitely the camera. Consumers can choose a high-definition camera with an image resolution of 1280 * 720, or one step in place to choose a higher-resolution Full HD with 1920 * 1080 pixels to capture the image.
For monitoring systems, high-resolution image acquisition is very important, because users can find some clues directly through video recordings; if you want to further search, I am afraid to achieve face recognition, of course, it is also inseparable from high-definition. Regardless of whether an HD or Full HD camera is used, it should achieve motion capture of no less than 30 frames per second.
High-definition monitoring can solve picture quality problems and also make video retrieval faster. But another "burden" brought by front-end high-definition is back-end storage issues. As another important part of the surveillance system, when HD video encounters storage, it seems to have some headaches.
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