Analysis of the advantages of smart cat's eye contrast building intercom

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With the rapid development of science and technology, smart homes are no longer the patents of luxury homes, but have entered the lives of ordinary people. Smart cameras, smart cat eyes, video intercoms, wifi doorbells and other products have emerged endlessly. . Today, the editor of Yuyuan will popularize it for everyone. With video intercom, do you still need smart cat eyes?
To answer this question, we need to talk about the difference between smart cat's eye and video intercom. Video intercom, also known as building intercom, consists of front-end acquisition + back-end display, but without storage media, can not access the network. Therefore, only when someone is indoors, a visitor comes to ring the doorbell to realize a video conversation. Once out of the house, any visits and conditions outside the door are unknown.
Smart cat eye,smart door viewe . Analysis of the advantages of smart cat
Yu Yuan analyzes the advantages of intelligent cat's eye compared to building intercom
Intelligent cat eyes: It is composed of a front-end capture cat head and a back-end display screen. It has a memory function. When someone presses the doorbell, they can take pictures and videos. They can record the sound and image information of the incoming person. They can save the visitor's message when we need it. Play back again, and the device can access the network. When there is a visitor, if there is someone in the family, you can video chat with the visitor directly through the indoor display; if you go out and the visitor rings the doorbell, the mobile phone app equipped with smart cat eyes will automatically push the message, and you can open the app to achieve the visitor Real-time video conversation.
In addition, Smart Cat's Eye also has PIR motion detection function, automatic capture, video recording, remote activation alarm by mobile phone, and remote unlocking function linked with smart lock, etc., which is more in line with home security requirements than video intercom.
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