The rise of Danmini, the land of smart locks

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Artificial intelligence is considered to be the main driving technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and has attracted great attention from various industries. In order to seize the strategic opportunities for AI development, more and more countries and organizations have successively formulated development plans at the national level. China attaches great importance to the development of artificial intelligence, and will intensively release artificial intelligence-related policies and plans after 2020.
However, a recent CCTV news about "professional hacker simulation attacks on smart home products such as smart door locks" has aroused users' concerns and also attracted the attention of many industry professionals. At the Gate Fair last May, a woman broke several smart locks with a "black box" called Tesla. Related examples abound.
Give Danmini new life and new thinking for the security industry
Solving the security problem is a long marathon battle for Danmini, and it is necessary to constantly upgrade the software and hardware of the locks, and constantly face and respond to various attacks and cracking methods.
In recent years, the vigorous development of Danmini has given security monitoring systems more diversified business functions, further expanding the market space of security monitoring industry, and making security monitoring systems widely deployed in various industries.
Really stand on how to help customers solve pain points, the industry can continue to prosper
This era has come to the age of seeking benefits from science and technology and fighting power. We see that Danmini's technology and applications in the field of cat eye security can be quickly migrated to the smart lock industry, which are limited by the innovative ability of technology , The release of demand is not enough, Danmini is committed to working with partners to share the fruits of innovation, thereby promoting the development of the industry, and then we have reached our expectations of entering this industry.
It's not spring to stand out. Yuyuan's accumulated experience in the field of intelligence is continuously being transferred to the field of security. It is these different technologies and cultural accumulations that allow the industry to continue to move forward. As one of the representatives of the forefront of the intelligent era, we look forward to the efforts of Danmini to write a glorious chapter for the security industry.

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