Smart cat eyes sweep away hidden dangers

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"3.15" Consumer Rights Protection Day is another online shopping festival in China comparable to "Double 11", and various motivating activities have inspired consumers to participate enthusiastically. Multi-faceted shows that consumers' shopping choices are becoming more and more "smart".
Smart home is loved by office workers
When "Chao Nian Wu Wu" was gradually replaced by "996", the living space of office workers was shrinking infinitely, making life better and making themselves more comfortable. It became logical for office workers to purchase household items. According to Jingdong data, during the Double 12 period, white-collar workers were crazy "chop hands" smart home, accounting for 87.81% of users. Danmini cat eyes cater to the hottest security issues at the moment, a cat eye tailored for young people. Both the appearance and function are designed from the perspective of young people, using stylish titanium alloy as the material, with a 4.5-inch high-definition large screen. Life is so beautiful, life is for a better self.
Streamline design, integrated molding, simple and soft. Based on ergonomics design theory, coupled with light sensing. The touch screen that integrates infrared sensor recognition is an intimate "steward" with its style and publicity.
Wandering alarm, PIR creates new physical sensation
Danmini's smart cat's eye is equipped with PIR human infrared sensing technology. When someone is hovering in front of the door, the device will automatically take photos / videos, and push alarm information through the mobile phone app to effectively prevent thieves from stepping on points, etc. .
It can be said that with the intelligent dammini cat's eye, office workers can get rid of many hidden safety hazards, and trouble can be solved with one click.
Danmini Smart Cat Eye will also continue to work hard to build such a platform, create an "open, cooperative, win-win" situation, create a complete new experience for more young people, and build a grand blueprint for the development of smart home .

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