New generation smart locks help smart armed life

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Is it true that the post-90s generation is really a broken generation? Maybe not! A few days ago, Taobao released the "Post-90s Life-saving Guide", which directly analyzed the problems encountered after the 90s: hair loss, insomnia, obesity, decreased memory, irritability, physical weakness, overeating, decreased resistance ... Straightforward
Data show that post-90s health anxiety is much higher than post-80s and post-70s are about to enter the 30-year-old post-90s. The “multi-pronged approach” to medication, food supplement, exercise and medical treatment has finally begun. Wolfberry "life. Post-90s "fancy life": "food supplement life" "sports life" "shopping life" ...
Have a health mind, and even need health action, but the thought of going out with a key, locking the door, etc. feel troublesome?
Just use Danmini Smart Lock! Fingerprint handle design, millisecond recognition, one step door, one step early for rest
Cool look, durable
The soft lines, full of design aesthetics and golden low-key atmosphere, integrated operation panel, high-quality texture, and a cool sense of technology are the first impression left when I saw Danmini Smart Lock!
In addition to the appearance of science and technology, the functional design is even more sophisticated. The real core insert in the lock body requires a mechanical key to drive the lock core to unlock, which effectively prevents violent prying locks. In addition, its lock core is certified by the Ministry of Public Security and is protected in layers to give safety and security. Add a new stroke.
R & D transformation results to provide a new experience in smart life
In addition to the fingerprint unlocking mentioned above, Danmini Smart Lock can also be unlocked with a password: there are twelve grid numbers directly above the fingerprint lock and press the keyboard. When you touch it with your hand, you can enter the password to unlock. Proximity card unlocking: There is a corresponding swipe induction area in the numeric keypad area, and it can also support inductive card unlocking! Security has been further improved.
Danmini smart locks have good guarantees in terms of quality, workmanship and service. What is even more surprising is that it uses ergonomic door handles to simplify complexity and add more convenience to life.
The post-90s friends have grown up in bumpy times. They have established their own small family in the dream city, and shouldered their responsibilities. Technology changes life, and installing a smart door lock at home is the beginning of our life change. At the same time, it also brings a sense of security to your family, making it a warm and relaxing harbour.

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