Intelligent cat eye security old pattern to create a new era

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With the advent of the 5G era, the Internet of Everything is based on a large amount of data processing and analysis. The future is the intelligent cat's eye and the intelligent cat's eye ecological platform that promotes fragmentation to build a truly big connection. Each individual tree-like smart scene is interconnected to form a networked ecology, and it may even extend to innovative scenes other than smart homes.
New breakthroughs in security: from 2D to 3D
During the current fight against the epidemic, Danmini actively cooperates with major ecological platforms for smart homes to empower practitioners through the Internet. Help and watch with industry partners to win this new year's battle together!
For consumers, Danmini's Smart Cat Eye greatly improves the versatility and safety of smart home equipment, and also promotes the technical standardization of the smart home industry. Accelerating the innovation and development of Yuyuan Technology will also empower application areas such as smart communities, smart pensions, smart hotels, and smart security, so as to provide consumers with a smarter, more convenient and more comfortable home life.
Assign "high above" smart functions to the edge as needed
At present, it refers more to intelligent infrastructure, and to achieve long-term and sustainable software vitality through a flexible architecture that is decoupled from software and hardware.
The improved new Danmini smart cat eye has both face value and practicality, which is suitable for zero-contact distribution during epidemic prevention. The fuselage is made of metal titanium alloy, which brings a higher sense of experience to consumers. The introduction of PIR human body recognition is a hard-core anti-theft method that has gradually evolved into an adult.
In the past 30 years, China Security has taken a very remarkable development path, realized the transformation from analog to digital, and also realized the further transformation from digital to IT. Now reaching the crossroads of the intelligent era, Danmini has ushered in many new intelligent technologies. They are rewriting the era and filling the gaps in the domestic smart home market application, which will effectively solve the pain points of the scene experience of the majority of users.

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